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21th issue I August 1, 2001


Better Sex In Later Life

The amount of vaginal stimulation required to elicit sexual response may increase as women age. This need for increased stimulation can be revealed by a general sexual unresponsiveness. Constant clitoral stimulation is required by some women to become sexually aroused. This can be accomplished through manual or oral stimulation provided by their partner.




20th issue I July 1, 2001


Sexual Dysfunctions


The commonly encountered sexual problems or dysfunctions are:

Sexual addiction

Performance anxiety



Premature ejaculation

Nocturnal emissions

Erectile dysfunctions





19th issue I June 1, 2001


questions and answers for may 25, 2001


Finding a name for my baby-to-be
Female ejaculate ("Ejilculate"): From where does it come?
Allergic to exercise?
Timed-release dietary supplements
Okay to masturbate alone when in a relationship? [Classic Alice!]




18th issue I May 1, 2001


Having a Happy Sexual Relationship
Sex is more than just fun.  Researchers have found that it can increase the sense of well Ė being , regulate hormones, burns calories, reduce pain and depression, and increase the sense of intimacy between a couple. Here are some tips to "start the fire":







17th issue I April 1, 2001


10 Reasons Why Sex is Good for You
Regular sex is more than just fun. It can also play an important part in our physical and emotional well-being. Researchers have found that it can bolster the immune system, relieve pain, help regulate hormones, cure migraines... in fact, it does so much good we should consider "doing it" as often as possible.




16th issue I March 1, 2001



Contraception and Sex Information You Can Actually Use


Do you get the feeling that all the talk about contraception and sex is "scripted"? I certainly do. There are those silly little pamphlets with pastel flowers in the margins that tell you about "getting intimate," "being safe," and practicing good "personal hygiene." They all have the same diagrams, as if the pamphlet designers just traded them around.



15th issue I February 1, 2001



Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's)


The term "sexually transmitted disease" (STD) is relatively new and has replaced the term "venereal disease." This shift in terminology serves to expand awareness of a greater number of infectious diseases transmitted through sexual contact. There are more than 20 STDs, including AIDS, Chlamydia, Herpes, and other organisms and syndromes. Every year millions of STDs are passed from person to person, primarily through sexual contact. Many people feel uncomfortable talking about STDs and try not to think about them, hoping they will go away. Sometimes infections will go away, but usually an STD will return and the infected person will suffer grave consequences of an untreated STD.




14th issue I January 1, 2001



Sex Queries 

* During the past six years disharmony between my husband and me has increased because he has been unable to prolong the sex act. He reaches a climax in about three minutes, while I reach a climax in about ten minutes. In all our marital relations in a month, I usually have only one climax. Isnít there something wrong in his reaching a climax in so quick a time? How long should normal intercourse take? 




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