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21th Issue | August 1, 2001




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Bangladeshi Women and the Grameen Bank

[Photo: Aminur Rahman interviewing a Bangladeshi woman. An "elder brother" (or educated person) in the village is often given the best seat as a symbol of villagers' respect.]




Week-By-Week Guide to Your Pregnancy


Welcome to StorkNet's Week-By-Week Guide to Your Pregnancy! For each of the forty weeks of pregnancy, you'll find information about your baby's development, what types of changes occur within mom's pregnant body you might expect, tid-bits for dads, specific info for pregnant moms of multiples, inspirational thoughts and suggested reading.



Better Sex In Later Life


The amount of vaginal stimulation required to elicit sexual response may increase as women age. This need for increased stimulation can be revealed by a general sexual unresponsiveness. Constant clitoral stimulation is required by some women to become sexually aroused. 



Women's Health

Frequently Asked Questions About Women’s Health


NWHIC’s FAQ’s are organized by category below.
The magnifying glass symbol (Picture of a magnifying glass) indicates items which have a large print easy to read version available.





Child Care

Let's Eat! Children and Healthy Eating Habits

Most parents worry at one time or another that their child’s eating habits may not be good enough to stay healthy. Some children ask for the same foods over and over again, some may refuse to try anything new, some may avoid all varieties of a kind of food, and some may constantly demand snacks. 



Women's News

Indian "Bandit Queen" Devi shot dead in Delhi

Several thousand women, girls being trafficked yearly

Megawati sworn in as President

Mamata is one up in power struggle within the Trinamool Congress

Girls outshine boys in SSC exams

Megawati for open vote on Wahid impeachment

Reserved seats for women in JS

Hasina to attend G-8 summit

Alliance will resist ballot snatching: Khaleda

Megawati's party for early Wahid impeachment


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The Hollywood Fashion Machine


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Address of famous Bangladeshi 

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