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Bangladeshi Women and the Grameen Bank





 21th Issue I August  1, 2001

Bangladeshi Women and the Grameen Bank


[Photo: Aminur Rahman interviewing a Bangladeshi woman. An "elder brother" (or educated person) in the village is often given the best seat as a symbol of villagers' respect.]




20th Issue I July  1, 2001

How to Knock 'Em Dead: Your First Day on the Job


Gossip, salary conversations, and long lunches can get you started on the wrong foot.

What a difference a day makes, especially when it's your first day on the job! Your first impression is apt to be a lasting one, so it's wise to go in with a game plan. 





Women and war

   19th Issue I June  1, 2001

Charlotte Lindsey is responsible for the ICRC's Project on Women and War. As a delegate she carried out missions in many parts of the world. Prior to joining the ICRC, she worked for the British Red Cross.



Empowering Widows in Development



18th Issue I May  1, 2001

Bangladesh is one of the very poorest countries in the world. It is also a country where the status of women is very low and that of widows is even lower. Widows are the poorest of the poor and yet very little research has been undertaken on their conditions





17th Issue I April 1, 2001


The Voice of A Women in Islam
Many Muslims have adopted the Judeo-Christian ethic which views women as the source of human tragedy because of her alleged biblical role as the temptress who seduced Adam into disobedience to his Lord.  By tempting her husband to eat the forbidden fruit, she not only defied Allah, but caused humankind's expulsion from Paradise, thus instigating all temporal human suffering.





Bangladesh Liberation War Rape Victims Demand Justice From Pakistan


16th Issue I March 1, 2001


In Bangladesh, hundreds of women have demonstrated to demand that Pakistan apologise to victims of the 1971 liberation war.

Protest organisers claim the war killed three million people, left one million crippled, and that at least 200-thousand women were raped by Pakistani soldiers and their collaborators.





15th Issue I February 1, 2001


The Liberation War: 

Participation of Women


In the history of Freedom Movement of Bangladesh the participation of women as some of the most important players, is evident from all the historical writings. If one goes back even further to the time of the 'colonial days', when we were under the rule of the British there were a number of women who were involved in daring acts such as, Pritilota Waddedar, Ila Mitra. 


14th Issue I January 1, 2001


The Faces of Freedom

Rokeya was the pioneer of women's freedom. After her Fazilatunesa, Ashalata Sen and many others followed her path. From their life we can know and learn their work and glory. 


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