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Keep Notes 

Children should be in a smoke-free atmosphere. Keep smokers away from them


21th Issue | July 1, 2001


Let's Eat! Children and Healthy Eating Habits


Most parents worry at one time or another that their child’s eating habits may not be good enough to stay healthy. Some children ask for the same foods over and over again, some may refuse to try anything new, some may avoid all varieties of a kind of food, and some may constantly demand snacks. You may wonder why an entire serving of peas is eaten one day and the next week it is completely refused. Children simply eat what they like and leave the rest.



20th Issue | July 1, 2001


Growth & Development

Growth - is the increase in the size or the number of cells.

Development - is the acquisition of new functions by a cell, organ, system or the whole body. It is the process of maturation.




19th Issue | June 1, 2001


Activities that could land your child in trouble


Chat: Of all the reasons for which teenagers use the Internet, Chat probably tops the list. Ironically it could be the prime reason for them to get into trouble too. When one is in a chat area, it's easy to forget that it is actually a 'public place' and that one doesn't necessarily know the true identity of anyone in the chat room.




18th Issue | May 1, 2001


Daycare Safety


You have just dropped your youngster off at his preschool and are worried. Will your kid be safe, will he be happy, while you are at work?





17th Issue | April 1, 2001



Do You Know How To Protect Your Baby From The Sun?


With the hot days of summer approaching (or already here!) in the northern hemisphere, a quick look at summer sun safety for babies (and the rest of the family) is in order.




16th Issue | March 1, 2001



What is RSV Disease?

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the most common respiratory virus in infants and young children. About 70% of children will contract RSV by the time they are one year old and nearly all children will have had it before they are two. For most, it's no worse than the common cold, but for babies with high risk factors, RSV can lead to a serious lung infection, and is the leading cause of pneumonia and bronchiolitis in infants. 




15th Issue | February 1, 2001



Ear Infections


Ear infections are the number one reason children visit their physicians due to illness, following the common cold. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ear infections in children account for more than 30 million physician office visits per year. More than 85 percent of three-year-old children have experienced at least one ear infection.





14th Issue | January 1, 2001



Handling Baby's First Illness


You will be very lucky if you get through the baby's first few months without a minor illness -even though a breast -fed baby is protected by your antibodies to illnesses which you have had.



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