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Women Website

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Looking for women's content on the Web? The Women's Channel, Microsoft's haven for women on the Web, has information, insight & advice for you. offers busy women a community in which to share advice. Join other women like you to talk about, books, parenting, careers, computers, diet/fitness, food, money, pets, relationships, beauty, shopping, travel and working from home.

Welcome to the Working Moms' Internet Refuge. A supportive parent and women's community featuring discussion and advice from both experts and working mothers living the same life as you -- addressing all aspects of your life. A safe, comfortable web site that offers women a fresh, fun way to get smarter about using the Internet.

A special place for women with questions about cars.

Women in Wireless Communications is a national non profit organization. Our vision is to become the premier women's organization in the wireless communications marketplace by bringing women together and providing opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally.

A complete Women's Guide to introduce women's news, sports, groups, and many more resources!


Women Magazine

Premier women magazine of the subcontinent


The women magazine from Bangladesh is the parent of a group of community-focused Internet magazine dedicated to enhancing the quality of women's personal and professional lives.

www.ellemag. - Most popular women magazine which illustrate women's life and style.

Info for women about relationships, health, beauty, fitness, fashion, money, careers, cooking and parenting, to enrich the body, mind and spirit of today's busy woman.


AVIVA is a new endeavor, run by an International group of women based in London, providing a free listing service for women everywhere, funded by advertising and sponsorship, enabling women all over the world to make contact with each other.

Complete support for the at-home motherhood lifestyle. National Association of At-Home Mothers, At-Home Mother magazine, free information guides, tips, and much more!


Amazone is the Belgian conference and meeting centre which provides accommodation and support to women's organizations, serves as a forum of information about equal opportunities for men and women. The web magazine of Amazone ----


Women and Humanity

This site is devoted to helping end all forms of family violence and to providing information about services that are available to families that are in need of assistance

Women for Women International is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to the financial, educational, and interpersonal support of women survivors of war, poverty and injustice.


Women Educational Institution in India

National Institute of Fashion Technology

India's premier fashion institute

SNDT Women's University

SNDT Women's University is committed to the cause of women's empowerment through access to education, particularly higher education, through relevant courses in the formal and non-formal streams.

Indraprastha College for Women

M O P Vaishnav College For Women


Business and Career Information 

Advancing Women  

An award-winning, international web site whose mission is to "level the playing field" for women in the workplace, provides career, business, and financial information, tools, strategy and networking opportunities to empower women.


Sites for Women News


WINGS: Women's International News Gathering Service

"Raising Women's Voices Through Radio Worldwide"


Connecting Women

Women in Business Connecting to Promote Networking Opportunities Through Support, Advice, Information Referrals.


The original online guide to greater lafayette, Indiana, U.S.A.



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