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21th Issue I August 1, 2001


Frequently Asked Questions About Women’s Health



NWHIC’s FAQ’s are organized by category below.
The magnifying glass symbol (Picture of a magnifying glass) indicates items which have a large print easy to read version available.





20th Issue I July 1, 2001


Women & AIDS



During 1996, AIDS became the leading killer of men and the third leading killer of women between the ages of 25 and 44. It beat out cancer and heart disease. And the numbers of people living with the AIDS virus continue to go up. 





19th Issue I June 1, 2001


Infertility Center Assess



HEALTHY PREGNANCIES BEGIN with healthy individuals. Several factors can impact upon the ability to conceive. The following assessments will help you and your partner become aware of the factors that may be pertinent to you.




Migraine Vs Tension- Type:
Do you know the difference?



YOU'VE PROBABLY HEARD THE TERMS "migraine" and "tension-type headache," and know that these types of headache differ. However, if you're like most of us, you're not sure just how they are different. Take the following true-false quiz to test your knowledge of headache. If you think you may have migraine and/or tension-type headache, consult your health care provider; only a health professional can diagnose different types of headache with certainty.






17th Issue I April 1, 2001


Basic Information on Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Nodules, Goiter, and Thyroid Cancer




Frequently misunderstood, and far too often overlooked and misdiagnosed, thyroid disease can affect almost every aspect of health, so understanding more about the thyroid, and the symptoms that occur when something goes wrong with this small gland, can help you protect or regain good health health.




16th Issue I March 1, 2001


Women's health and fitness




Cardio training has become synonymous with calorie burning. Doing the recommended 30 minutes of cardio activity four days a week offers tremendous health benefits – among them, reduced risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and depression, and increased odds of weight loss and longevity.





15th Issue I February 1, 2001


 Recognize the Risks




In the past few decades, epidemiologic studies have established the following risk factors for acquiring breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society: Increasing age. Besides being female, age is the single most important risk factor for the development of breast cancer. More than 75 percent of all breast cancers occur in women over 50.





14th Issue I January 1, 2001


    Hysterectomy: Important Considerations




Hysterectomy may cause a woman to have an early menopause even if she does not have her overviews removed . If you're candidate for surgery and you're still in your childbearing years, consider the  fact that you will no longer be able to have children. Hot flashes and vaginal dryness, two other side effects of menopause, may also occur.



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