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21th Issue I August 1, 2001   

Week-By-Week Guide to Your Pregnancy


Welcome to StorkNet's Week-By-Week Guide to Your Pregnancy! For each of the forty weeks of pregnancy, you'll find information about your baby's development, what types of changes occur within mom's pregnant body you might expect, tid-bits for dads, specific info for pregnant moms of multiples, inspirational thoughts and suggested reading.



20th Issue I July 1, 2001   

ParentsDirect's Complete
Guide to Fathering

Will I Be a good Dad?

Becoming a Father!

Forming a New Family

Birth and bonding

Caring for New Moms




19th Issue I June 1, 2001   

Pregnancy loss 


Can exercise help prevent miscarriage?

Diabetes a double danger for moms-to-be

Can falling BBTs predict a miscarriage?

"Why am I having recurrent miscarriages?"

Baby aspirin: Can it impact fertility?

Can lifting cause miscarriage?




18th Issue I May 1, 2001            

Thyroid Problem & Pregnancy

The most common thyroid disorder occurring around or during pregnancy is thyroid hormone deficiency, or hypothyroidism. 



17th Issue I April 1, 2001             


Will it be a Girl or a Boy?

Fill out and submit this form based on Mom's answers and you'll know what gender baby she is going to have. If a question does not apply leave it blank. It will not affect the answer.


16th Issue I March 1, 2001             


Alcohol and Pregnancy
A great discussion about the effects of alcohol on pregnancy, some basic facts about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), and the lesser known Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE), from your Guide.



15th Issue I February 1, 2001             


YOUR HEALTH: Nutrition During Pregnancy

You can begin being a responsible, loving mother from the first day you find out you are pregnant. Eat well for your growing baby. There is nothing more important you can do over the next nine months than to take care of your own body and nourish the baby with safe and nutritious foods. 
Pregnant women are often concerned about gaining too much weight. If you’re eating sensibly, most of the weight you are gaining is the baby - for most women its about 40 percent of the weight they gain. An average weight gain is between 20 and 35 pounds.


14th Issue I January 1, 2001           


 Tests used in pregnancy 

Various tests and procedures are used in certain cased of pregnancy complications. Like all medical procedures, they offer advantages, but also carry risks. Therefore, they should be utilized only when medically indicated, to on a routine basis for your your doctors convenience or to satisfy your curiosity.



Ayon's Queries .......


Answers of Common Queries of young ladies, expecting their first baby or concern about pregnancy, like Ayon. In each issue you will be satisfied with more and more queries.


You have query. Write  to our doctor.


Hints for the Father to be

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