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Fashion Collection - 15

The Hollywood Fashion Machine

Fashion and Hollywood 

From the beginning of Hollywood, movies have been responsible for the evolution of fashion throughout the world. 


Fashion Collection - 14

Summer's Back: Look Great This Season

The summer sun is finally here, and it's time to heat things up a bit with this year's summer styles. With an emphasis on fabric, denim, tailoring, and patterns, this summer is all about being simple, getting colorful, looking relaxed, and going out in style.



Fashion Collection - 13

Wardrobe for the Working Woman

We make a personal statement with the way we dress. For women in the workplace, projecting an image of efficiency, competence and quiet confidence is important. To achieve that 'professional look' using good judgement and taste regarding clothes, hair, makeup and accessories becomes essential. Read on to find out about how to look your professional best.


Fashion Collection - 12
What to Wear to an Interview

On the morning of your big job interview, getting dressed will seem, to say the least, a little more stressful than usual. You really want the job, and you want to do it right.


Fashion Collection - 11

How to become a model


This page has tips on how to start modeling, how to save money, how to make the right choices and what to expect from the industry. It is edited for simplicity and therefore contains over 7 pages of information in one BIG page! It is huge!




Fashion Collection - 10

Part the hair in the middle and make ponytail. Divide the ponytail into two parts. Make a larger roll with the upper and part. With the smaller part make another roll and clip it. Flower or garlands can be clipped in between the rolls. 




Fashion Collection - 14

  • Twisted Bun :
    At first comb the hair with a shell comb. Then twist it in left side and make a twisted bun. You can tie it with clip if you want to. 

  • Side Bun :
    Take little hair from the front portion and backbrush it. Divide the rest of the hair into two parts. Roll one part to the inner side. Apply the same process for the other side. This bun is suitable for the casual evening dress. 




Fashion Collection - 13

  • Layers In-turned: Use  a roller brush to make in-turn. You can keep your hair free or fix with clips. 

  • Jet Roll Cluster: Part the front hair. Make ponytail with rest of the hair. Fix the rolls with pins. Be crateful to fix the rolls one at the center and others surrounding the central one  


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