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Gold Ornaments






We, the humans, are habituated to wear many things for beatification and keeping  us perfect-looking. Among them jewelry is one that need some maintenance. Without proper keeping the gold will lose its golden shade and the diamond  will become glamour less.  Here are some tips for its washing and care.   


You can wash the ornament by yourself . Put it into some hot water and brush it with a soft brush. Never use hard ones or detergent powder. 


Never try a hard brush for cleaning the stone ornament, because the stone can become loose from the article. Just use a soft moist piece of cloth to clean it. 


Every ornament has its own pattern. When you are pushing it into the box try to maintain  its style. Don't push hard and never  try to change its order, because by doing so you can break it . Always try to keep the ornament in the jewelry box. 


Some acid  like sulphuric  and some metal  are very harmful  for ornament . Sometime the color changes. In this case you have to color them . 


Diamond is a very hard stone. It's keeping  is different. You will put he diamond ornament into the hot water for 5 matures . Put one  table spoon of Ammonia in it for  5 Minutes. Then  peek it  out. If the ornament and the Diamond is fixed with any kind of gum  then  wash the ornament with a soft  brush and detergent powder . 


The stain of silver ornament can be cleared by paste and detergent powder.  Put some paste in the brush and rub the ornament with it. After  3 minutes the stain will be cleared. 


Now a days , wearing metals has became a fashion. The color of the metal can become fade . Never try to wash it by yourself . If the  color is  fade, go to the jewelry shop and they will color it. It can cost you not more than Tk.100. No matter whatever the ornament is, you can wear it as long as you can by proper maintenance. Follow the guideline and shine yourself with the bright glamour of your jewelry. 


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