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Ornaments Of Gold:

Design & Cost



There is a saying, that by nature women are glamorous. But their glamour shines more when they wears jewelry. 

For most of women whether in lower or upper  classes jewelry is a dream. Because every woman possesses her own assertion in wearing jewelry. It is  not only a subject for  wearing but  also of aristocracy as well as savings of wealth. From ancient time it is  a symbol of gentry and nobility. It  is and inseparable element of women beauty. The golden shade of gold increases the  beauty of  women in its high esteem.

In This continent, we  have our own style of jewelry. Like Jaroya, sitahar, Ghapti, Chur etc. Here the tradition is the  concern , not the fashion or other things. Now  in the modern time many girls don't Know about those specific jewelry.

Ornaments of gold are expensive.  We often face difficulties to fulfill our dream in having them. Because of our lack of idea on design and cost them. Here you get a  picture of quantity of gold requires for particular design and approximate cost , that  will help you in your selection of jewelry. 

Sita -har :  You can give order or  buy it  from the any jewelry shops . It can be made from 2.5 varies to  10 varies. The price of  3 vories  Sitahar  will cost 2000. 5 vories will cost 30000 and and 8 vories will cost 61,000 take


Chick of the neck : It depends on the size of your neck. A general cost of  1.5 vori neck  is 9,300 and I vori is 6,500. 


Earrings : It wills depend upon the  designs and order. There are gorgeous earrings, which can be made from 2.5 vories at the  cost of 15, 500 and of 1.5 vories at the cost  of  9,500. Simple earrings can be found. At the cost of 1500-3000, the measuring gold will be at 3 Ana- 5 Ana. 


Ghumka : The cost depends upon the design. You can get a 2.5 vories ghumaka at the  cost of 25, 500 and 1.5 vories at the cost of 10, 000.  


Hasuli : It is a traditional ornament of ours. A hasuli of two vories will cost 12,000 and 1.5 vories will be at 9,500. 


Chur : There are two Kinds of chur. They are  simple and Raton chur. A simple chur of 3.5 vories will cost you 19,000 and 2.5 vories  at 15,500. A raton chur of 2 vories will cost you 12, 600 and 1.5 vories will cost you  9,300.


Ghapta : The bride usually wears it but sometimes it is  a part of fashion. A ghapta of  1.5 vories  will cost you  9,600 and I vories will be at 6,300.


Crown : A crown of 2 vories will cost  you  12,000 and 1.5 will be at 9,300. 

Bala : Simple bala of 2 vories will cost you  12, 000 and I vories will  be at 6,300. Ghunti bala of 2 vories will cost you 12, 600 and I vories   at the cost of 6,800. Konkon of 6 vories will be get at the cost of 36, 700 and 3  vories at the cost of 18,600. 


Mantasha : A 2 vories of mantasha can be get at the cost of 13,000.


Ring : From 2000-500. 


Does this picture match with your dream and capacity?


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