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13th Issue I December 1, 2000             


High-risk Pregnancy

Some pregnant women are considered to  be at " higher risk" than the most others. They include women who have diabetes, heart disease, or high  blood pressure, or  who develop these conditions during pregnancy or labor. 


         12th Issue I November 1, 2000             

Warning Signs During Pregnancy

Your doctor will probably discuss with you the symptoms he will want you to report. These symptoms, or warning signs, may or may not indicate serious complication. If you experience any of the warning signs, notify your doctor immediately. Do not worry about bothering him. It is his job to answer your questions about your physical well being. 



11th issue I October 1, 2000


Prenatal Care


You should begin receiving prenatal care the moment you suspect you are  pregnant. All of your baby's vital organs will have already begum forming by  this time. The person you choose as your doctor will be the one providing your prenatal care.  He or she will chart your progress during  your pregnancy and will watch for any signs that indicate a potential problem. 




10th Issue I September 1 2000  


Sexual Relations During Pregnancy 


During pregnancy, you undergo many changes , both physical and emotion . How you react to  these changes, how openly you can talk with your partner and whether your caregiver makes you  feel comfortable discussing lovemaking all play a role in your attitude as a couple toward sex during  pregnancy. 




9th Issue I August 16, 2000  


Emotional Changes

of Pregnant Mother


Along with the physical changes the woman experiences ,some emotional take place during pregnancy. You and your partner can use these changes as opportunities to grow to expand your awareness of yourselves and of each other , to deepen your responsibility, and to become aware of what millions of other parents have experienced.





8th Issue I August 1,  2000             

Fetal Emotion

While all of this physical development is taking place, the unborn child is  becoming and aware, reacting human being. At as early as 8 weeks, he can express his likes and dislikes with  well placed kicks and jerks. At 28 to 32 weeks his emerging sense of awareness transforms his physical responses into feelings. The woman's  emotional state can and does have an effect on the way he perceives his world as warm and friendly- or cold and hostile. This is not to say that fleeting anxiety or doubt about your health will negatively affect your unborn child. However, it does mean that chronic anxiety or stress, especially of a  personal nature, or deep  ambivalence about motherhood may affect your baby's personality.



6th Issue I July 1, 2000

Ayon's Queries .......

Ayon, a 22 years old young lady now dreams on her coming soon couple life with her would be young handsome life partner. She dreams to be a mother of a cute baby daughter. But she had a fear of and also curiosity about pregnancy periods. 



7th Issue I July 16, 2000

Myths of Conception

Pregnancy begins with conception ( fertilization)  and continues until the moment of birth. It is that specials time in your life when your body envelops  the growth of a new being . Everything you do , everything you eat, and even your emotions may have an effect on the development of that new life. It is there fore very important for you to be aware both of the actions that you can  take to most benefit the  development  of your baby and of the detrimental factors that you should avoid. Understanding the normal course of pregnancy will aid you in acquiring this awareness.


5th Issue | June 16, 2000

Pregnancy's Progress

Fetal Development

Pregnancy and fetal development begin at the moment of conception. For the next nine months , your unborn baby will experience numerous basic physical developments. Before coming in the light of earth he/she has been nourished from mother's body and become a little human being from a small embryo of mother's ovum.


4th Issue | June 1, 2000

Pregnancy's Progress 

Changes in physic of mother



At conception the ovum is fertilized by a single sperm cell. The fertilized ovum journeys from the mother’s fallopian tube to the uterus, where it implants itself in the uterine lining.  Throughout this seven-day journey, the ovum id rapidly dividing, ultimately becoming a multi cellular structure called an embryo.



Test for Pregnancy


Blood test are the more accurate of the two types of testing. They cannot only tell you if hCG is present, but a quantitative hCG can tell you how much hCG is present.This can be helpful in dating a pregnancy, or watching the levels to observe the well-being  of the pregnancy. (hCG usually doubles about every two days during the first few weeks of  pregnancy.)


Eating Fish Builds Healthier Babies 

Want to build a longer, heavier baby? Try adding an extra portion of fish to your weekly diet.


Researchers compared the sizes of 1,022 babies born in the Faeroe Islands  (north of the United kingdom) with the fish- eating habits of their mothers. The more frequently the moms ate fish – up to three times a week- the larger and longer the babies were likely to be. Average increases were nearly a half- pound in weight and a centimeter in length.  



How To Tell That A Woman Is Not Pregnant


A health care provider usually can tell if a woman is not pregnant by asking her questions. Pregnancy tests and physical examinations usually are not needed, they waste resources, and they discourage clients.




Family planning for the Breastfeeding Woman


Breast milk is the best food for nearly all babies. In some situations the baby’s life depends on continuing to breastfeed. Therefore it is very important to delay another pregnancy. Delaying pregnancy avoids early weaning and the many health problems that often result.   






Ayon's Queries .......


Answers of Common Queries of young ladies, expecting their first baby or concern about pregnancy, like Ayon. In each issue you will be satisfied with more and more queries.


You have query. Write  to our doctor.


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