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  Ayon's Queries .........



Ayon, a 22 years old young lady is now dreaming on her soon becoming  couple with her would-be young handsome life partner. She also dreams to be mother of  a cute baby daughter . She had a fear of but curiosity about pregnancy periods.


She saw some among her relatives becoming mother silently and some of them had to suffer a lot. Now she is observing her elder sister who is expecting her first child. There are so many anxiousness, expectations, dreams, advise of doctors and so on -- all are centering her which creates lots of queries in Ayon's mind about pregnancy. 


Let us try to satisfy Ayon's  queries. 


Most Often Asked Questions on Pregnancy


I seem to have some amount of vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Should I be alarmed?


A moderate mucous vaginal discharge will be there. But  if it is white, curd like and irritating, it  could be thrush.  Yellow frothy discharge could  mean trichomoniasis. Both require treatment. 


I want to prevent or minimize stretch marks. Are any creams or lotions contraindicated? 


Creams with vitamin E are available but do not make the stretch marks disappear altogether. Creams with hydrocortisone are contraindicated. 


Should I be exercising during my pregnancy? Should I start  now if I haven't been doing it before ? Are there any special exercises I should do during pregnancy. 


The ideal time to start exercising, if you haven't already been doing so is in the 18th to 20th week of pregnancy. This will help  develop abdominal, pelvic muscle tone and so on.


Can I keep working through pregnancy ? Is it dangerous to work with a computer/fax machine / photocopier?


You can keep working through pregnancy if everything is normal. But if you have bleeding, blood pressure, premature contractions or if the baby is not  growing well sampling, go by what your  doctor says.  

No, it is not dangerous to work with these machines. But stress, a high level of involvement and pressure to complete the work on hand are hazardous. 


Can I  continue with my beauty regimen of  facials and bleaching during pregnancy?


 Yes, you can have a facial but avoid bleaching or any chemical preparation. 


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