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Hints for the Father-to-be


  • Bring your mate a snack before she gets up from bed if she is bothered with morning sickness

  • It is normal to feel uncertain or ambivalent about the pregnancy at first. Give yourself time to adjust. 

  • Accompany your mate on her parenatal visits. 

  • Take photos each month to make a pregnancy scrapbook. Record important national events or pregnancy related items. 

  • Remind your mate how beautiful her changing body has become.

  • Place your head close to your mate's abdomen and talk or sing to your baby. 
  • Continue the romance. 
  • Your desire for sexual relations with your mate may increase or  decrease after you learn of the  pregnancy, this is normal. 
  • Sexual relations will not harm the fetus in a normal pregnancy. 
  • Try alternate positions for lovemaking  if your mate has trouble with your regular positions.


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