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Ramadan   Special



Ginger Juice





Build a Barbecue 



There's nothing to beat the aroma and favor  of food cooked outdoors over charcoal. Here you can follow GHI diy consultant Brian Cassidy as he shows how to build your own backyard barbecue.





Winter is a season of fresh vegetables and special dishes popularly called shiter pitha (winter cakes). We Bangladeshis have something special to offer and enjoy in winter. Other than pithas (cakes) we have many items which cover a vast area of our day-to-day culture and dining habit. Let's be introduced to some of them. Also learn how to prepare them.



Niramish Dishes


Niramish is a vegetarian dish prepared with mixed  vegetables. Lentils are sometimes added to vegetable niramish. A few spices of a very little amount are used in it.


Mixed Vegetables Niramish

Bhuna Niramish

Vegetable Curry

Dishes of Hilsa Fish

The rainy season is now going on in Bangladesh. For a voracious  in this season a main attraction  of different dishes of Hilsa fish, which is much available now. Here you get recipe of two dishes. Try to cook and have a taste.

Hilsa Wrapped in Green Leaves

Hilsa Onion Korma

Hilsa Kabab 


Two more recipe of Hilsa Fish

Hilsa Moti Pullao

Dopeyaja of Hilsa Head

Previous Dishes

Fish Pineapple Curry 

Fish Curry

Kathal Curry (Jackfruit Curry)


Green Mango Drinks


Exotic Fruit Salad


Anarash curry 

Watermelon Juice

Mix Fruit Juice 


Potol Bhorta

(For four persons)

Aloo'r Dom

(For three persons)

Hilsha Fish with Mustard Crush  

Sorshe Ilish

(For three persons)



To keep hot water warm for a long time, add a little common salt to it.
To prevent hot oil from spluttering when frying, add a tiny piece of salt-coated tamarind.

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Kitchen Room Design

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