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Road between Chittagong and Kaptai snapped

February 5, 2001  


Chittagong, Feb 3 (UNB) – Road link between Chittagong and Kaptai was snapped as a portion of the road collapsed suddenly Friday evening.



Snatchers jailed under PSA

January 20, 2001  


Chittagong, Jan 19 (UNB) – A court here Thursday sentenced two people to different jail terms in a snatching case filed under the Public Safety Act (PSA).



Seven convicted to various jail terms

November 17, 2000  


Chittagong, Nov 16 (UNB) – A court here Tuesday sentenced seven people to various jail terms in separate cases.



Petition to cancel terrorists’ bail

August 25, 2000  


Chittagong, Aug 24 (UNB) - Efforts are underway to file a petition with the higher courts seeking cancellation of bails of 38 hardened criminals as they engaged in fresh crimes after their release from jail.



Case of murdered expatriate resume

July 6, 2000  


Chittagong (UNB) – The hearing in the Zibran murder case will resume in Chittagong Metropolitan Sessions Judge Court on July 16.



Chittagong Mass Killing case resume

July 6, 2000


Chittagong, July 5 (UNB) – Police fired some 33 shots at the opposition meeting at Laldighi Maidan here on January 24, 1988.



CID arrested hundi businessmen

July 5, 2000   


Chittagong, July 4 (UNB) – CID Police arrested two hundi businessmen with some hundi slips and Tk three lakh in cash from in front of a Janata Bank branch in the city’s Tedy Bazar today (Tuesday).  



Sailors stage protest in port

July 1, 2000  


Chittagong, June 30 (UNB) – Sailors staged protest at the port here today demanding payment of salary and allowances resulting in stoppage of unloading of cement clinker from a Malta flag carrier.



Bus Hijackers arrested

June 25, 2000     


Chittagong, June 24 (UNB) – Police arrested three members of a gang from a house at Doapara in Doublemooring thana few hours after a bus dacoity.



Teenage girl rescued

June 22, 2000     


Chittagong, June 21 (UNB) – Police rescued a girl after three days of her abduction from a house at Halishahar and arrested two people on Tuesday.



Convict Dead in Chittagaong

June 7, 2000     


Chittagong, June 6 (UNB) - A convict, who was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, died at Chittagong Medical College Hospital on Monday.



Mayor accused in criminal case

May 25, 2000 


Chittagong, May 24 (UNB) – The Metropolitan Sessions Judge’s court today sought clearance from the government for trial of Mayor ABM Mohiuddin Cwhowdhury who is holding the rank of a cabinet minister.



Six killed in the city

May 18, 2000 


Chittagong, May 17 (UNB) – Three young men were beaten to death and 3 others died in separate incidents in the city today.



People injured in clash between two groups

May 18, 2000 


Chittagong, May 17 (UNB) – A clash between shop owners and lessees of Thakurdighi bazar in Lohagara upazila left at least 10 people injured today (Wednesday).


Bangladesh Navy arrested people with foreign cigarette

May 16, 2000   


Chittagong, May 15 (UNB) - Members of a patrol ship of Bangladesh Navy arrested 4 people and seized foreign cigarettes worth over Tk 1.82 crore in the coast early today (Monday).



Chittagonj Medical College Hospital faces acute crisis

April 29, 2000


Chittagong, Apr 28 (UNB) – Already beset with numerous problems, Chittagong Medical College Hospital is poised to receive an unpleasant jolt as local PDB has threatened to cut off its electricity line on May 1 for non-payment of bills.



Vehicles Damaged

April 24, 2000


Chittagong, Apr 23 (UNB) – Breaking cars on the street has so far been a means of political protest in Bangladesh’s baroque politics. But now family feuds are also triggering such vandalism.   



Waterborne diseases break out

April 22, 2000


Chittagong, Apr 21 (UNB) – A high level of Coliform has been detected in the city’s water supplied by WASA, making the city dwellers vulnerable to various waterborne diseases.



Bumper harvest of boro

April 13, 2000


Chittagong, Apr 12 (UNB)- Blessed with favorable weather farmers in 33 thanas of 5 districts of the region is expecting a bumper harvest of boro this season.



Election in CMCSU

April 13, 2000


Chittagong, Apr 12 (UNB) – Pro-Awami League Chhatra League swept the Chittagong Medical College Students Union election today, bagging all the 20 seats.



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