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University of Dhaka

The first-ever University in Bangladesh, Dhaka University began with 192 students and 3 faculties in July 1st, 1921. The current Emergency Building of Dhaka Medical College was the Main building of the University. P. J. Hartog was the first Vice Chancellor and the first Registrar was Khan Bahadur Nazir Uddin Ahmad.

The University of Dhaka was established under the Govt. of India Act. XVIII of 1920 (Which was based on the recommendations of the Calcutta University Commission presided over by Sir Michael Sadler) as a unitary, teaching and residential University with a constitution similar in many respects to those of the then contemporary English University Following the creation in 1947 of the province of East Bengal as a part of Pakistan.

The East Bengal Educational Ordinance, 1947, was promulgated, by which the University, without prejudice to its original character as a teaching and residential University was entrusted with sole authority to recognize and affiliate all educational institutions in East Bengal above Materict and High Madrasa standard Accordingly, in 1947, the University of Dhaka affiliated 58 1st and 2nd grade colleges throughout the whole of East Bengal After independence the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh promulgated the adaptation of University Laws by the Bangladesh Ordinance No. 1 of 1972. Afterwards, in pursuance to the Constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, the President Order No. 11 of 1973 which is called the "Dacca University Order, 1973 was promulgated.


DU At a Glance


The University of Dhaka


Teaching, Residential & Affiliating



Academic Year

July to June


1.Arts, 2.Science, 3.Law, 4.Social Science, 5.Business Studies, 6.Biological Science, 7.Pharmacy, 8.Medicine, 9.Postgraduate Medical Science & Research, 10.Education


Institute of Education and Research, Institute of Business Administration, Institute of Statistical Research and Training, Institute of Social Welfare and Research, Institute of Nutrition and Food Science, Institute of Modern Languages, Institute of Fine Arts, Institute of Health Economics

Territorial Area

Dhaka & Barisal Division

Sectorial Boundary 

250.50 Acres of Land


9661900-19, 9661920-59




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