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Canadian Institutes that offer Scholarships


University of British Colambia


Address: 2352075 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z1

This University offers the University Graduate Fellowships (approx. 350). There is no restriction with regards to the subjects of study. The fellowship is for one year (renewable for a second year subject to maintenance of adequate starting, number of renewals appropriate to the circumstances).

Eligibility :

Candidates from all countries are accepted into graduate studies. Fellowships are competitive and successful applicants normally have first class standing.

Benefit: $4,500 for partial fellowships not renewable $13,500 (for full fellowships).

Apply By 1st February for fellowships. Candidates are nominated by the appropriate Department. Teaching assistantships are awarded by Departments. Students should contact the Departments to find out about deadlines. University Graduate Fellowships application forms are available at the end of November. Contact the Awards Officer at the above address for additional information.


Cabot Institute of Applied Arts and Technology 

Address: P.O.Box 93, Prince Philip Drive, St John's, Newfoundland AIC SP7


  1. Graduation Awards: awarded for academic excellence

  2. Scholarships: awarded for academic excellence

  3. Scholarships/Bursaries: awarded for satisfactory academic achievement and financial need

  4. Prizes: awarded recognition of performance in various aspects of a program.

There is restriction with regard to the subject of study.

Duration and benefit: Varies.

Eligibility : Candidates of any country fulfilling the necessary requirements are eligible.

For further information you may contact the institute at the above address.


Concordia University


Address: 1455 de Maisonneuve Boulevard West, Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8


  1. Concordia University Graduate Fellowships (approx. 30)

  2. J.W. McConnell Memorial Fellowships (approx)

  3. David J. Azrieli Graduate Fellowships (1)

  4. John W. O'Brien graduate Fellowships(1)

  5. Stanley G. French Graduate Fellowships (1) Alcan Doctoral Fellowship in Commerce and Administration (1)

  6. Shell Canada Ltd. Doctoral Fellowship (1)

  7. Pauline Vanier Bank of Montreal B.A. Fellowship (1)

There is no restriction with regard to the subject of study in respect of Fellowships mentioned at (a), (e),(f), (g) and (h) Commerce & Administration.

Duration: (a) and (b) awarded for a specific number terms, depending on the length of the program and the students' date entry into the program (c), (d), (e), (f) and (g) are not renewable, but may be won in successive years (h) renewable for one year.

Eligibility :

(a), (c), (d), (e) and (g) qualified students of all countries, (b), (f) & (h) Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada. The awards 2 made on the basis of academic merit for the tenure of award, the students must be registered full-time in a graduate program.

Benefit: (a) and (b) $2,700 per term at the Masters level and $3,200 at the Doctoral level (c) $15,000 (d) and (e) $3,033 per term at the Master's level and 1,533 at the Doctoral level (f) and (h) $10,000 (g) $7,500.

Apply By 1st February to the Director of the Graduate Programme which the candidate is applying at above address



Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 


Address:252 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario MSS 1 V6


  1. Graduation assistantships

  2. OISE Scholarships for study in the subjects of Adult Education, Applied Psychology, Computer Application, Curriculum, Educational Administration, Higher Education, History and Philosophy of Education, Measurement and Devaluation, Sociology in Education for (a) one academic year and (b) one Full year (generally renewable during periods for academic residency).

Eligibility :

Candidates of any nationality who are admissible to one of the Institute's graduate programs at the Master's or Doctorate levels. Proficiency in English required.


Benefit: (a) $8,000 (plus 4 per cent vacation pay) (b) $ 1 0,000

Apply (a) By 15th January to, The Admissions Office of Graduate Studies
(b) Candidates are nominated by each of the OISE departments.


University of Toronto, School of Graduate Studies 

Address: Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1


(a) Open fellowships
(b) Connaught Scholarships (70) for graduate study in any subject for one year.

Eligibility :

Nationals of all countries, with an excellent academic record and English proficiency.

Benefit: $9,700 per year plus academic fees.

Apply By 1st February to The Chairman of the graduate department 



More Canadian Universities


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