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12th Issue | November 1, 2000 


Bibi Russel

Fashion Designer



I spent my childhood in Bangladesh. Old town was the place where I  grew up.  A vast area of my past is occupied by old  Dhaka. Afterwards our family got  shifted to Gulshan. My parents helped me know the world outside. They accompanied me everywhere. That does not  mean  I had no independence in movement. In my childhood I met many famous persons which helped me build up my personality. 





11th Issue | October 1, 2000 


Suborna Mustafa



I was the second in a family of  three children . It was a very normal  childhood, no traumatic experiences, nothing very special other than being  born into a wonderful family. Father was acting in films-- he was "the star" of films , mother was an actress, producer in the radio and a very good playwright-- I was doing radio and TV programs -easy thing very normal -- studies, school, fights, punishments and presents...............



10th Issue | September 1, 2000 



Rokeya A Rahman

The winner of

"Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World"

award in 1999.  


We didn't get a role model at that time. My father encouraged me in that way. He really supported me all through my young age. He saw me and my brother doing the same studies. He realized that a woman could the same things, which a man can do. But my mother was that positive towards her daughters' education and career .She was not negative either. Now I have developed my career and status and my own business.



8th Issue | August 1, 2000 

Aleya Ferdousi

Drama Artist and Sports Organizer

I was born is my maternal  grandfathers  place  on 29 December,1947 in the village of Machimpur in Noakhali. I never felt any avoidance from my parents part. Rather in  response to the remark of  relatives that I should have been a boy , my father used to  tell "Look! I am  proud of my daughter. She is no less than a boy".   



7th Issue | July 16, 2000 

Mina Barua

National singer

I was born in Kishorita village in the district of Gajipur. I was the youngest of three sisters and brothers. Mine was a musical family. My mama (maternal uncle) used to perform in Jatra Pala. My mother was a good singer too. This surroundings in my childhood prompted me to sing. When I was six I used to sing songs which I came to listen on Radio. 



6th Issue | July 1, 2000 

Geeteara Safiya Choudhury

Chairman & Managing Director    

Adcomm Limited  


In a family of two girls and four boys, I am the eldest. I grew up knowing that God has created men and women equal. Both our parents showered us with love and affection, and guided us to differentiate between good and bad. We also led very disciplined lives. We had fixed timings for everything. We were encouraged to read newspapers, magazines, and books and every evening during dinner we discussed whatever we read.



5th Issue | June 16, 2000 

Jebunnesa Solimullah

Chairperson of Baytul Falah

I was born on 14th  March in 1932. My life started  in Chandpur, there my father was an Imam of the mosque. I started going to school at the age of three. During the 2nd world war, when I was in class five, my father moved with the whole family from Chandpur to Comilla. 


May 2nd week


Dr. Razia Sultana


Department of Bangla, University of Dhaka


I was first child of my parent, I was not welcomed by the relatives and neighbors. It was said to be an ominous sign. But my parent was very bold against this criticism and to prove how happy they were, they arranged a grand dinner inviting the whole villagers.



May 1st week


Khaleda Akhter 

Deputy chief

Road Transport wing, Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh 


I was the first baby of my family. So I got special care from all other members of our family specially from my grand mother.


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