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Suborna Mustafa












I was the second in a family of  three children . It was a very normal  childhood, no traumatic experiences, nothing very special other than being  born into a wonderful family. Father was acting in films-- he was "the star" of films , mother was an actress, producer in the radio and a very good playwright-- I was doing radio and TV programs -easy thing very normal -- studies, school, fights, punishments and presents............... Then 1971 happened. It is my believe  that children who have observed, felt and  survived the pain and horror of 1971- lost the most precious things childhood offers "innocence" much earlier than their time.  



I did my S.S.C. from Viqarunnissa  Noon, My H.S.C from  Holly Cross Collage and My Honors and Masters in English  from  Dhaka University. My father from being  in the show biz always evoked curiosity about us from outsiders. For one  thing I will be ever grateful to  all my teachers from school to University  days is that they always judged  me for myself and that always kept my two feet very firmly on the  ground. Sensible parents and teachers made my life least complicated. 


The family that I come from never differentiates  between men and women. My school and college days were spent in all women institutions . By the time I was in the university I was already a known face. To be very honest,  I never faced any problem just because I was a woman while I was studying but I do not deny the fact that may be the " known face" factor kept me safe.  


Choosing Career


As all children do, I also planned to be a doctor in the earliest days . Then I wanted to be an astronaut, then a flight stewardess and so many other things. I guess it was  pre-destined that I would became an actress. I started out of curiosity and then fell in love with acting and that is how it always has been. I will quit acting  the day I fall out of love with it. 




My parents were always very supportive specially my mother. Of course there was  a precondition and that was no compromise with education. I always knew that if my grades were not up to the mark - it meant " curtains" for my acting life. 

I was already very much into my career by the time I got married . My in-laws didn't  have any say about my career, even if they did, which they thankfully didn't, it would not have made any differences to me.


To be absolutely fair, my in-laws were as much supportive of my work as my own family. I  guess I was born under a lucky star.  




My husband being form the same profession has its merits and demerits. The "merit" is that I don't have to worry about my "working hours" or not being the " typical housewife" all the time the "demerit" being not being in touch for long periods specially when we are both working and in different locations.  


And my work


I have said it before and I will say it again, I am basically a happy person. I take life as it comes and in all its shapes. I work because I love the work I do. If I don't have any interesting script - I might sit idle for a year or more and be perfectly happy. I regret very little. My career is exactly as I want it to be. One thing I trust in is myself. I like to take responsibility for all my actions . If I make a wrong judgment call - I will take responsibility, I will not look for shoulders to lay the responsibility on. 

As I am ready to take on the blame I also demand that I be given credit for my good deeds also. This attitude of mine raises quite a few eyebrows  of both male and female. Well...... that is the way I am.



If the  need arises


The possibility of any of my family members asking me to quit my work is really out of the question. If the need arises, no  one will have to ' ask" me, I will do whatever is needed. For me my family is a part of my being. If they survive - I do, if they don't- I don't. 


In the end 


I don't know if my  inclusion in profile is at all a correct choice of  the people concerned. As readers may have gathered from my words by now that I as a women in Bangladesh have not really had to cross the usual hurdles even the unusual ones are missing. 


If there is one single thing that I am thankful for in life .......... it is having Mrs. Husne Ara  Mustafa and Mr. Golam Mustafa as my parents. 

If I were even to be born say in my uncle's house -my life would have been different. 


I just shared some moments of  my life with the readers. If you have a dream -- follow it, no matters how difficult it seems to cross. If you are wronged then strike back. We all live only once. Let us do it with our heads held high. 

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