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Japan Immigration


Visa Applications

To apply for a visa, the applicant must apply in person to an embassy or consulate. There is no system by which a proxy can carry out the application procedures in Japan.
When applying for a visa at an embassy or consulate, the documents to be submitted or shown differ according to the purposes of the visit, so please make inquiries to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an embassy or consulate beforehand and then apply with the necessary documents. 
When applying for a visa at an embassy or consulate, you might be requested to submit documents in addition to those mentioned in this pamphlet. Also, please note that applications might not be accepted if documents are inadequate.
Japan has seven types of visa, including two types of visa for short-term stays. Working visas are issued for 14 statuses of residence. There are also cases where a visa is not necessary for landing permission.  Purposes for entering Japan are broadly divided into those requiring short-term stays, such as tourism, and other purposes, such as work, necessitating long-term stays. 

(A4-sized paper)

Name in full_______________________________
(Given and middle name)
Different name used, if any____________________

45mm x 45mm


Date and place of birth_______________________________________________
           (Month)   (Day)   (Year)   (City)   (Province)   (Country)

Sex___________   Marital status : married______ single______

Nationality or citizenship________________________________
Former nationality, if any________________________________
Purpose of journey to Japan_______________________________
Length of stay in Japan intended___________________________
Route of present journey : Probable date of entry_______________
Port of entry into Japan__________________
Name of ship or airline________________
Passport (Refugee or stateless should note the title of Travel Document)__________________________________
No.__________________________________Diplomatic, Official, Ordinary issued at__________________________________on
Issuing authority__________________________________Valid until__________________________________
Criminal record, if any__________________________________
Home address________________________________________
Profession or occupation________________________________
Name and address of film or organization to which applicant belongs_____________________________ Tel.______________
Post or rank held at present______________________________
Principal former positions_______________________________
Address of hotels or names and addresses of persons with whom applicant intends to stay
Dates and duration of previous stays in Japan__________________________________
Guarantor or reference in Japan : Name__________________________________
Relationship to applicant________________________________
Persons accompanying applicant and included in his passport
Name    Relationship    Birthdate

I hereby declare that the statement given above is true and correct. I understand that immigration status and period of stay to be granted are decided by the Japanese immigration authorities upon my arrival. I understand that possession of a visa does not entitle the bearer to enter Japan upon arrival at port of entry if he or she is found inadmissible.

Date of application_____________________________
                                (Month)     (Day)    (Year)

Signature of applicant_____________________________

(FORM No. 1-C)

(A4-sized paper)
Reason for Invitation


To:       (Ambassador/Consul General) of Japan
(the overseas Japanese diplomatic establishment where the application is made; listed in boldface in Appendix 4)


Inviting person
Full name:


Visa applicant(s)
(If there is more than one applicant, please compile a separate list and here write "See list.")
Full name:
Date of birth:                        (Age: )


The purpose of inviting the above person(s) is as follows:
(1) Purpose of invitation

(2) Background to invitation (Please explain the background to this invitation and details of relationship. If there is not enough space here, a separate sheet can be attached.)

(3) Other

(A4-sized paper)
Letter of Guarantee


To:       (Ambassador/Consul General) of Japan
(the overseas Japanese diplomatic establishment where the application is made; listed in boldface in Appendix 4)


Full name:
Address (home country):
Date of birth: Age:
Sex (male/female):


I hereby declare that if the above-mentioned applicant enters Japan for the purpose of ______________, I shall guarantee the following items:
(1) I shall provide the necessary supervision to ensure that the applicant does not engage in activities other than those permitted for the purpose of entry into Japan and abides by Japanese laws and regulations.
(2) I shall shoulder the cost of the applicant's living expenses and return travel expenses if the applicant is unable to pay them.
(3) I shall serve as the applicant's guarantor if the applicant in any way becomes involved in Japanese legal proceedings.

(Guarantor's signature)

Full name:
Home address:
Date of birth:                        Age:
Sex (male/female):
Work address:
Relationship to applicant:

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