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M S Raunak

July  2000

Road to an American University

Anyone who has gone through her high school or undergraduate studies with reasonable results should be able to find her place at a university in America, England, Japan or Australia. More......

Personal Experience
Abdullah Talukdar

May  2001

My Worst Experience at ZIA

The situation and behavior of officials and workers at Zia International Airport has deteriorated at a very low level. These people are stooping to very low levels in the form of threats and harassment of innocent travelers. More......

Battle Over Jerusalem 
Muslehuddin Ahmad

September  2000

Champ David Talks on M-East Peace Failed 

President Clinton has to leave the White House within a couple of months and must find a solution in order to make M-East peace the legacy of his presidency.  More......

National Issue
Govind Acharya

March  2001

Fatwas are Out, Rule of Law is In

This ruling against religious edicts is part of the conflict that has divided the country since it won its freedom from Pakistan in 1971. More......

Information Technology
Omar Huda

October  2000

Report on Bangladesh IT Potential- March 2001

Local market for developing software is growing, particularly among financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies. Foreign donor funded projects impacting social upliftment are forthcoming. More......

Rizwan Hussain Jabbar

March  2001

The Relation Between Geography & Islam

Although politics and economics gave the initial spur to mediaeval Muslim geography, impartial intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge carried the study of the world and its inhabitants far beyond the narrow confines of trade and administrative purposes. The intriguing study of the material world took many forms during the resurgence of learning under the Islamic empire. More......

Sakil Malik

April  2001

Child Malnutrition in Bangladesh

Currently, 56 percent of pre-school children are underweight, 51 percent stunted and 14.7 percent are wasted by international standards. Per capita dietary energy supply in Bangladesh shows a declining trend.  More......

Personal Experience
Md. Rokanuzzaman

February  2001

Culture Panorama

Not only folk songs; today's young singers are fond of remixing old songs giving them a brand called 'harano diner gan'. Record companies market them like 'old wine in new bottles'. More......

Politics (Bangla)
Samudra Gupta 

November  2000

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Information Technology
Habibullah N Karim

July 2001

IT Industry take-off  that never happened

As an IT practitioner and head of a software company I have lived through the vicissitudes of the IT industry in Bangladesh since 1985. More...

Education System (Bangla) 
A B M Murshed

June 2001

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Akbaruddin Ahmad

September 2001

Election Reforms and Political Stability !

The urgency for a national consensus to formulate a reforms program for the various tiers of elections for the local government and the parliament for choosing the elected representatives need not be over-emphasized.  more... 

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