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Eleventh Issue : August15, 2001

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Business News

Business News

Gas export: A spate of wild speculation
Nuruddin Mahmud Kamal

Although gas represents a tremendous opportunity for Bangladesh, for taking advantage of that opportunity will require an efficient energy sector which is absent now. What is required "now" is to concentrate on reforms and reorganization of energy sector institutions, not export.




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Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd
Corporate Report

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited introduced unconventional way of banking business in the country. It started its operation in 1983 and ended the initial year of operation with a total deposit of Tk 14.41 crore. The deposit amount rose to Tk 3533.44 crore on June 30, 2001 registering a substantial growth.



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Rupa Group

Rupa Group of Companies started their journey in the fashion industry by setting up a milestone Company Rupa Sweater (Pvt.) Limited in September 1992. The main business of Rupa Group is to manufacture sweater of all kinds--pullover, cardigan, vest, jumper and scarf from 2 gauge to 12 gauge and to 100% export of the same to international market. The industries of this Group have been designed on integrated system of production process wherein all the required installations / facilities are available within the factories for producing the products up to final stage including installation of power generator for taking the advantage of uninterrupted power supply. 



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