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Hysterectomy: Important Considerations





Hysterectomy may cause a woman to have an early menopause even if she does not have her overviews removed . If you're candidate for surgery and you're still in your childbearing years, consider the  fact that you will no longer be able to have children. Hot flashes and vaginal dryness, two other side effects of menopause, may also occur. 


Women who undergo hysterectomy can also experience urinary tract symptoms such as frequent urination and urinary incontinence, as well as deepening of the voice and weight gain. These physical changes are the result of declining estrogen levels . 

Some studies indicate that women feel depressed after a hysterectomy, but whether the operation itself causes depression is unclear." Our society still has this negative perception that hysterectomy is going to make you something less. If women internalize that . Then they may feel depressed," says Dr. Bernhard. 

Other studies show that depression after a hysterectomy may be no more typical than depression about bodily changes that can occur after other types of surgery. And some studies reveal that women are  less depressed after hysterectomy than they were before , when they suffered with problems such as heavy  bleeding and pain. 


Some women say they've experienced positive physical changes, reporting restored vigor because they're no longer bleeding heavily and suffering pain. The operation can often end anemia as well . I've heard women say they just feel so much better. The physical improvement in their health is often the greatest,  reward, " says Dr. Bernhard. 


While studies indicate that women have these positive responded in the short term, more study is needed on the long-term effects, says Dr. Bernhard. 


Women may experience sexual changes after hysterectomy because they feel different about their bodies and have anxiety about resuming sex. For some women, the orgasm experience changes. " It's not that  they don't have orgasms, they just are different, says Dr, Bernhard. 


Women may also have a lower sex drive, particularly if they've had their ovaries removed , says Dr, Williamson. 


The Best Advice : Take an active Role

If you are a candidate for hysterectomy, weigh your decision carefully. Here's some help.


Find the right doctor 

Look for a doctor you can talk to, who understands what you're going through, answers your questions and will do what you want, says Nancy Petersen, R.N, Director of  the  Endometriosis Treatment Center at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend Oregon. If your doctor tells you that you need a hysterectomy but it  doesn't seem right to you, see another doctor. Hysterectomy is often overkill of endometrioses, she says. 


Explore the alternatives  

There are usually other options to hysterectomy, experts say. Ask your doctor what they are, says Dr Williamson. 

Get a second and- third-opinion

" Don't let any one physician tell you this is what you should do, says Dr. Bernhard. 


Ask lots of questions  

Ask your doctor which particular procedure will be done and why, says Dr. Brooks. Find out how much experience your doctor has with the procedure she is suggesting. 


Decide what's important 

Set your priorities, says Dr. Bernstein. Ask yourself " How debilitating is the pain ? How much is it interfering with my lifestyle ? Do I want to have  children?  Would I feel comfortable about adopting ?" 


Think your decision through 

Take time to make your decision, says Dr, Bernhard. " There's probably no rush, " she says. 

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