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During my first life I was feeling some one over much, when I came very near to him , he always advised me not make sexual talk even we are friends. I love him very much , but suddenly I some  another friend finds me  in anew way, what  I like most and I Lift my advis3r friends, but now I feel him many  more that the second boy who fraud me a lot, now how I could approach  my best adviser friend. , will he accept me? If he deny how I will accept. I am in serious  problems, I like him  really. but for  unfortunate e4njoument I have meet with wrong friends. now I feel he was real friend. please advise me your wise way  I could motivate him again and enjoy him like more than before.




Just go to him as you did usually before and say sorry to him. Your approach should suggest that you did mistake leaving him and now you could realize him as your real friend. Be polite in your approach. If he denies, take it easy and don't leave him being angry  since you really like his company. It seems that your friend is conservative or introvert in mentality. So if you like him most and want to make your time with him more enjoyable , then you should be careful to talk with him. Firstly avoid the topics he is sensitive to. Then try to make him realize that sex is nothing but an important part of life and there is no evil in discussing it. But go slow.

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