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Male Sexual Anatomy



The penis-- The end part


The appearance of the penis varies considerably from one male to another. These variations are due to differences in color, size, shape and status of the foreskin (circumcised or uncircumcised).

Concerns about penile size are common in males of all ages. Although the size of the nonerect penis differs widely from one male to another (the average length is approximately 9.5 centimeters or just under 4inches), in adulthood this variation is less apparent in the erect state. Erection can be thought of as “the great equalizer” since men with a penis that is smaller when flaccid (nonerect) usually have a larger percentage volume increase during erection than men who have a larger flaccid penis. Such interest in penis size has several different components.

First,   it shows a concern for being “normal”—the same as everyone else.

Second,  it is related to a wish to be sexually adequate. Our society generally believes that “ biggest is best” and the notion that a big penis will provide more sexual satisfaction to a woman is widespread. Actually penile size has little physiological effect for the woman (although it may have positive or negative physiological significance) since the vagina accommodates its size equally well to an erect penis that is relatively smaller or larger in circumference. The length of the penis, which determines the depth of the vaginal penetration, is also relatively unimportant, since the inner portion of vagina and the cervix has few sensory nerve endings.

Third, there is often an element of status seeking in wishing to have a large penis.

Finally, some males feel that a larger penis would make them  more sexually attractive. Most of these points apply to both heterosexual and homosexual males.

A study on psychological impact of penis size on sexual arousal found that reading erotic passages that differed only in the description of the size of the penis produced no differences in the levels of arousal of male or female undergraduates. Thus they concluded, “ Penis size may be as unimportant on psychological level as it appears to be on physical level.”

There is a rare medical condition called micropenis in which the penis is formed properly but is miniature in size. This condition is marked by a penis length of less than two centimeters (approximately ¾ inches), and sometimes is due to a treatable deficiency of testosterone. In other circumstances, there is no means of increasing penis size by drugs, creams, gadgets, hypnosis, or hormones.

Men who are preoccupied or extremely anxious about the size of their penis appear to be more likely to develop sexual difficulties than other men. These difficulties range from the avoidance of potentially sexual relationships in obtaining or maintaining an erection due to poor self-confidence, tension, and anxiety. Fortunately, brief sex counseling or therapy can usually overcome this type of problem.


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