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 Sex Queries 


  • During the past six years disharmony between my husband and me has increased because he has been unable to prolong the sex act. He reaches a climax in about three minutes, while I reach a climax in about ten minutes. In all our marital relations in a month, I usually have only one climax. Isnít there something wrong in his reaching a climax in so quick a time? How long should normal intercourse take? 

    ** There are a great many variations in the length of intercourse for different men. There may also be great variations in time for any one individual on different occasions because of a number of factors (sex tension, frequency of coitus, etc.)

    Most studies established that the average time after intromission and active movements have begun is about two minutes. Thus your husband prolongs his climax somewhat longer than does the average male.
    What is probably needed in your sex relations is a longer period of fore play and erotic stimulation prior to intromission.

    Many men fail to realize how necessary is such preparation of the wife, who generally takes longer to be completely aroused and ready for the sex act. As has often been said, the wife has to be wooed again before every marital act.

    Perhaps also you require a different type of stimulation during coitus in order to achieve climax more quickly. A greater knowledge of marital techniques by both you and your husband would undoubtedly result in greater mutual satisfaction.

  •  I have been troubled by a condition in which the glands of the penis are very tender. Is there an external remedy for this? It is not ordinarily painful.

    ** The condition you describe may resemble what doctors called balanitis; although in your case it is not the severe type that is usually found where there is an infection. This condition sometimes comes about when the parts are not kept clean, and may also be due to a foreskin that is somewhat tight.

    Any soothing antiseptic powder may be used to help this condition, but underlying causes should first be removed. If the foreskin is too tight, circumcision may be advisable. In any case it would be a good idea to consult your physician, who would be in a better position to determine just how serious this may be or become.

  •  I have been married six months now and when we have marital relations my vagina is completely dry and there is no moisture, as I understand, normal women produce. Should there be? If not, what should I do?

    ** It sometimes does occur, as in the case you describe, that the female vagina passage is not sufficiently lubricated by the Bartholin glands to permit easy (non painful) intercourse. This may be due to many cases, among which may be some past infection. In some cases the woman has not been stimulated sufficiently by the husband prior to engaging the marital act.

    Physicians sometimes recommend the use of some bland neutral substance such as K-Y jelly, olive oil or Vaseline. These last two substances have a tendency to dry up secretions and inhibit the function of the glands. The jelly is preferred. Experiment will usually indicate the proper amount to be applied. This jelly can be purchased in any drug store or surgical supply house. 

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