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Homage paid to martyrs of language movement




13th Issue I December 1, 2000


As women from the Roman Catholic tradition, we have a special expertise in analyzing and critiquing the language in which  the Vatican  presents and sometimes cloaks -its ideas and  and aims. We have read with concern and  consternation the Report of the Holy See. In the  Report an aspect of religious fundamentalism that  misuses tradition and anthropology to limit women's roles, functions and rights is shown. 




Faces of Freedom

Genetically humans are divided into two genders - men and women. But this issue of gender raises a great question today. From the beginning of the civilization men are playing the role of the peer of the realm and women of the slave of the same. From the western world to this 3rd world country, this act of showing power has become a culture where,” Men dominate and women resist ”. But how long can we resist?



12th Issue I November 1, 2000

Building Coalitions to Promote Women's Health : The Philippines Example


The Philippines is largely (85 per cent ) a roman Catholic country -one reason why Philippines are quite conservative in terms of women's status and rights, Traditional views about women have  affected their health, particularly maternal mortality (2in 1,000 live births), the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases reproductive tract infections and treated problems, domestic violence and other forms of violence such as rape and incest, and women's nutritional health (more than fall of Filipino pregnant and lactating women are anemic). Abortion is illegal, but various estimates place the number of clandestine abortions between 150,000 and 750,000 per year.



11th Issue I October 1, 2000

The Girl Child: A Girls' Empowerment 

Initiative in Pakistan 

The 1990s were declared the Decade of the Girl Child in south Asia by a meeting of South Asian Association of Regional co-operation (SAAR) ministers. These declarations acknowledged the low status of the girl Child, and marred a move towards the initiation of projects that would  address her basic needs. The Girl Child project described here was set up to create awareness and provide information. The small group of leaders who were originally trained spread the benefits to 2.7 million individuals in the project's first phase. 


10th Issue I September 1, 2000

Experience / Cuba

Women and Revolution          


Marilina Castello  Garcia is the representative of the international department of the Cuban Federation of Women since 1978. following view is based upon he interview interviewed in the  New Worker (April 9, 1999), a tabloid of NCP- Britain.  

The history of women has still to be  written- there's not much in the history books. Women have played a significant role in Cuba, in the struggle for independence, against colonialism, and in the clandestine fight leading to the  Revolution in which many Cuban Women were fighter. 



Experience / USA

Women's Rights & Interests Violated


Gender discrimination is a chronic malady in the United States. According to a report of the Inter parliamentary Union in January, women constitute only 12.9 percent of the total members of the US congress. The  latest survey by the National Women and police center showed that from 1990 to 1997, the number of women in law enforcement departments across the country increased by a mere 3-2 percent.





9th Issue I August 16, 2000



This is An Anarchist View on Women:

Do you Agree on it?

  • 1 percent of  the property in the world is owned by women.
  • 50 percent of the world's population are women. 
  • 75 percent  of the work is done by women.
  • 10 percent of the wages are paid to women.

These figures were on women's lib posters, probably from the seventies. I don't know the source and the figures are always abstract and dependent  on how you use them.



An  Initiatives to Empower 

Women in Southern Africa


ASATUW -  Annual Southern African Trade Union Women's Forum meets every  year to discuss common issues and to develop recommendations. it is a process of preparation and is a net work, where women of the federations maintain on going contact. 

It is a philosophy. women implement principles  of participation, self help. inclusiveness,. effectiveness, result orientation etc. 




8th Issue I August 1, 2000

Know Chinese way 

To Empower  Women


The message that women would be liberated through  their individual efforts in the working world was reinforced by official role models. After the founding of the people's Republic (and even earlier in the communist base areas), the Party advocated the view that women could be emancipated only through participation in work outside the  home. Government publications consistently publicized role models of heroic women whose efforts were helping to build socialism and raise the status of all women. Visitors to China during  the early and mid 1970's for example, were invariably told the Iron Girl Brigades. Along with the slogan " Women Hold Up Half the Sky" they were probably the most frequently cited proof that women in New China had become equal participants in  society. 




7th issue I July 16, 2000

When Women Stop

         Everything Stops !


In the International Women’s Day of the year 2000, COSATU would liked to take the opportunity to salute all the women around the  globe for their courage and for the contributions they continue  to make in the fight against poverty , violence, oppression , injustice, wars, famine, disease.

Despite the massive contribution women make around the world, they still fall into the category of the poorest an the most oppressed. Massive technological  advances  and the development of the global village have done little to benefit women around the world. In fact, in many instances it  has actually increased their  hardships.


  6th Issue I July 1, 2000

Social Taboos And an Un-named Disease


It is a known fact that, cancer is the most fatal disease in this world and breast cancer is termed as the ‘Greatest Killer of Women’, between 25 and 50. According to WHO’s 1985 report, about five million people die of cancer every year and it is apprehended, after twenty five years this number may rise up to 10 million. About 30 percent of cancer suffering women are  sufferers of breast cancer and 20% of them  die of this deadly disease.  



Women In High Positions:

An Unsolicited Issue in Bangladesh

Today the  presence of women is expected in almost all the areas-politics, administration, business,  art, culture and literature outside their house by achieving high positions everywhere. But a woman in high position is still an unsolicited issue in Bangladesh.  



Men’s Violence Against Women In Rural Bangladesh 

Credit Programs, Women's Income And Violence: Ethnographic Findings

Despite the lack of effect of women’s contribution to family support  on domestic violence in the multivariate analysis, evidence from the four credit program villages in the ethnographic study suggests that both the loans and the social dimensions of credit programs may help to inhibit violence against  women . Bringing home a resource that benefits men can protect women from violence. This is illustrated  in the case of S.



Men’s Violence Against Women In Rural Bangladesh


This feature is published from a joint work of Research and Training Institute, Arlington, USA, Department of Economics, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh and Development Research Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh




Third Part

Perceived legitimacy of men’s violence against women


In general, the women in the study acknowledged that men are their guardians and have the right to beat them if they behave unacceptably. Many think this right is grounded in Islamic religious doctrine . 



Second Part



The ethnographic team was asked to keep track of situations in which women were beaten by their husbands or others in the family. Most of the cases that came to the researchers’ attention involved men beating their wives. Although there were many variations, the vast majority of situations involved discrepancies between role expectations and actual behavior and/or economic issues such as the woman incurring an expense or asking for something for her, or the man attempting to extort something from his wife or her family.   


First Part   



Men’s violence against women compromises women’s health and well being in a wide variety of social settings. It takes various forms, and the extent to which it is condoned or stigmatized, open or hidden can vary considerably. Violence against women is typically enmeshed in a complex web of institutionalized social relations that make women particularly vulnerable to it. Women often put up with men’s violence because they see no acceptable alternatives and their lack of alternatives is often part of the larger cultural logic that sanctions the violence. The experience of women’s organizations working to reduce violence against women suggests that it is necessary to undermine both the individual victim’s acceptance of violence and its support by the society or subculture.    



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