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The Faces of Freedom








When the dawn is there so many lights/ roys from the worriers direction comes to earth. some of them stays and some of them fades away. Once in women life " fading is the common word . Bat now a days there are many wh0 can stand side by side and delsare their own identity. They not only has the voice of Inclivicluality  but also so many works which can turn them immortal. 


We are the artisan of the third world where the people has to fight for their life ,. The women are merely the topes of howled jibs . Miriam Schow depicts that. 

" No famine life emerged from behind the Hindu purdah as out of the Moslem harems; centuries of slavery donat provide a fertile soil for intellectual development or oppression But some woman can teer down the black gown of slavery and goes out . They are the faces of freedom. 

Rokeya was the peonies of this freedom. After her Fazilatunesa, Ashalata sen ad many others . Now a days there is Sufia Kamal. Ila mitra, Romena AfaZ and so many . from their life we can know and learn their work and padeqree. 


Sufiya kamal

She is regarded as the planner of 20 the century women revelation. She was barn in a Nowaf Family in  1911l at shastafad. Her father name is said Abdul Bari, The Traditional education was nat applicable for her because she belong to a restricted  family. Her natural wage for education help her to educate herself . At the age of 12 she gat married with her cousin Nehal Hossian. After her marriage she published her first work of poetry in " Tarun Magazine." At 1932 she turns to be a widows. Then she become the teacher of Calcutta corporation school With the teaching she continued her  literary works. Her first poetry is Barshow and first story is 'Sainikh Badha'; Her famous works are" sajher Maga " (poetry), Akatorer Diary, Maya kajal etc. At 1939 she gets married with kamaluddin khan. In 1966 she creates a committee. Rokeya shakawath. In 1970 she and other members of her " mohila paresad " works againet the Pakistanis. She received seneral prizes from home and abroad. she dies in 1999. 


Romana Afaz

In the world of Bangali literature spatially in navel , she can stands alone; She published 106  novel, tile now. she  was barn in 1926 in Bogura. At the age of 13 she gat married with  Afaz. She  does not have anykind of traditional education. She is very papules for her  two adventure series. Banhus and Rokta apa map .

Her famous works are ; (Subject wise ) 

Social and family ; Desas meya.

 Romantic -Jani tumi Asba 

Rahasa Upponas -Rakta Apa map

Keihor novel - mandigores Bceri. 


Novera Ahmed

In the worlds of wullptur novere is the Name which will speckle till the end. she is the first sculptress of Bangladesh the is born is 1930 From her childhood she likes to play with the Pantene . Put in a restricted society this work is not recognized . She was of Bahamian Type. In 1951 she has her Diploma in Mrleling and sculpture from London. In 1954 she went to Florence and meet venturing venture ; She learns a lat of style from him . She reclined her National diploma  in sculptures from kamberwell school of arts and crafts of London . When she comes back to Dhaka at that time sculpture is regarded as an ante reliqeonal work . At the same side she can't find any model to her work. Her woks are famous for different kind of out  lonk she woks with Hamidur Rahman for the plan of shahid minar she has her first show in 1960 and another join exhibition held in 1975 in central library. After that she went to Pakistan,. In 1988  there was anathes exhibition of her in Dhaka . After that she went  to Paris . Tallow she stays at there. she was geien the bush award. bat she Refuses to take it. 


Saiyada Kaniz Fatema Raksana

She was the first woman filet in Bangladesh . She was born in 1955. In 1975 she admitted herself in Flaying duff and these becomes and instructor. As the first women pilat at first she has to fore a lat of trouble. Bat  ofter while she  has become an air person and join as the first officer of Dhaka Calcutta and  Dhaka Nepal roat. In 1984 she was killed in  a plcein crouch she is nat aline but her work will expired the new generation to fallow her example. 

There are many athers . But they are the but in there own dimension . They has to face  a lat trouble they never stays assail. They move to the gerund and defeat the oclds and create a oun position . It is the  code while we have to learn from them. It is the cade of light to turn ourselves more enlighten , more successful. It is the way forward to life to light and to freedom. 


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