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For truly foolproof eyes, stick with neutral, natural  tones. Not  only do  they promise a chic, subtle eye, they promise a chic, subtle eye, they're easier to blend and come close to being mistake proof . Neutrals don't have to be brown, they can be soft, warm tones such as coffee,  peach and flesh, as well as burgundy. For light base tones, stick with pale colors such as coffee,  burgundy. For light base tones, stick with pale colors such as vanilla and almond, and stay away from any thing that's detectably lighter than your skin tone. When you want the the look of bolder color, consider the following  pointers: 

  •  Avoid any eye shadow that precisely matches your  eye color. You wouldn't display emeralds on a green cloth.  

  • The sheer the shadow, the more adventurous you can be. Even funky blues are great in a subtle wash. 

  • Green eyes should look to cool colors, such as blue - based  tones, soft mauves and  lilacs. 

  • Blue eyes are flattered by warmer tones, such as peach and terra-cotta, and by any color that  contains brown undertones. 

  • Brown eyes can wear almost anything : find a shade that  plays up flecks, such as  auburn, gold or green. 


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