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Good Diet for Healthy and Shining Hair



We have shampoos and conditioners, we have tea and beer rinses and other kinds of stuff to choose from when it comes to hair care. But as everyone knows, it is the oil important diet which matters when we talk about healthy hair. Yes! What you consume does determine the health of your hair. A poor diet will result in a poor health of hair with almost all of your hair missing. Hair needs good care because it is, in a way, neglected by the body. Not being as important as the heart, lungs, kidney etc.-it gets a meager share of nutrients drawn from the blood, after all the vital organs have finished with it.

Hair is made up of a protein named keratin and therefore, need protein for growth.

Diets Needed to Keep Hair Healthy 

Certain foods have ample amounts of proteins, vitamins and trace minerals which nurture your hair adequately. Let us take a look at some of them.


A boon for the hair. It is complete food in itself and comes well shocked with proteins vitamins and minerals. The elements, vital for healthy hair growth present in eggs are: Amino acid, along with large quantities of vitamins A (for growth and vitality) and vitamin B-2, D and E; and sulphur.


Don’t miss out on this precious liquid that keeps the body, mind and hair in a fit condition. Milk and milk products that are beneficial for the hair are: Pure ‘ghee’, curd, cheese and cream. They contain vitamins A (which also protect the body and it’s organs from infection), sulphur, zinc (another trace element vital for hair growth) and vitamin B-2, a complete protein with built-in extra vitamins and minerals. Yogurt (doi) has lactic acid and passes vital nutrients and proteins. It has large amounts of bacteria which neutralizes the ill effects-such as hair fall-of antibiotics.




Now we all know why our mothers told us to finish all off the greens on our plates. Greens are full of goodness, that helps the hair enormously. Vitamin A (again) is present in spinach, lettuce beet, carrots and tomatoes. Vitamin B-2 is found in green vegetables and tomatoes. Dark green vegetables such as spinach also have Vitamin B-9 or folic acid, which prevents graying.


Other foods with vitamin B-2 are almonds, nuts, citrus fruits and wheat, germ. Vitamin A is also present in mangoes, papayas, apricots, peaches, almonds and dry fruits. Sulphur is present in liver, whole grain and nuts. B-9 or folic acid is present in mushrooms nuts and liver. 




Diets to Avoid 


Now on to things which we must avoid if we want to maintain healthy  hair.


Run for your life when you see oily and greasy stuff. Say ‘no’to junk foods, hamburgers, frankfurters, pastries and such  like devilish delights. The grease, fat and sugar can only do harm, no good. Because of the junk food, our body accumulates toxins which react adversely, hurting our system. Aerated drinks, food, have the same effect. Toxins lead to ill health, which , naturally will not help the hair. Have lots of milk and fresh fruits, preferably citrus. Also, with the advice of a doctor, skip two meals a day once a week and eat only fruits, which will cleanse your system and eliminate the toxin from your body.


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