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Can't  Avoid  Dinner Parties ??

Can't Control Your Diets?



The abundance of food , emotions and  stress are enough to unglue even the  firmest resolve. and the sheer number of dinner gatherings and  parties mean regular run-ins with  temptation. The  same old diet advice just doesn't cut it . So here are some tips from several nutrition experts, try the strategies. 

  •  If you have a choice of  plates, pick the smaller one.
  •  Try the one table spoon rule; take  just a table spoon of dishes that look interesting , then go back for more of the  best one. 
  •  Spend more time talking than eating if you can seat by someone who is a great conversationalist. 
  •  Don't arrive at the party  tired, it's  sure way to weaken your defenses plus you will be looking  for sweets for an energy boost. 
  •  Spend  extra  time putting on lipstick. You won't be so keen to mess it up by eating .
  •  Suck on mints - not only to freshen your breath but  they make food taste awe full. So you will be less  implied to eat.  
  • Agree on a buddy system with a friend, if either of you breaks your diet, the other will tap her on the shoulder as a subtle reminder. 
  •  Feel half of your plate  with salad and  vegetables. 
  • Compare your desire for  the food the workout that it will take to burn the calories is the   food worth it?
  • Ask what's been served and hold out your favorites.
  • Pay attention to whether you are truly hungry if you don't eat. 
  • Eat light during the day to conserve calories for  sweet indulgences later.


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