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This Summer : Whatís IN?



The only thing you want during this hot summer is comfort, and that depends on how you dress up. They who are concern a bit, are smart to select their outfit, including  dress up and make up. This summer they get ready themselves with light soothing color and in any place they are the most  attractive one than any other with gaudy outfit.



On the other hand some has the wrong concept that  whenever you are  going to a party youĎve to wear gaudy dresses with bright dark  makeup. They  donít know light soothing comfortable dresses give you comfort as well as you can bring brightness to any place or party during the summer. You will look much more sober and smart.  Light color for this summer includes: white, cream, off-white, light pink, light yellow, lemon, , light blue,  ash, light purple, biscuit color,  paste, move, light green, etc. it comforts you as well as  express your soberness. If want to know about the whatís IN fashion for dresses, itís very simple answer. 60ís  IN. From hairstyle to your Sarri, Kamiz, short sleeve or sleeve less etc, everything is following the 60ís trend.


Now Ďbout the make up that goes with your dress. Even last summer matte was IN but this summer Glitters and Glossy make up are IN. The point to be noted that  till now matte  isnít OUT. So itís better, in day time  use matte or semi matte one. In night for any party, where you are sure the place will  be cool,  you can wear glossy make up. About glitters, it covers most of the part of our make up and cosmetics. From lipstick, lip liner, nail  polish , eye shadow, even body glitters are IN.




You can have matte or semi matte lipstick. Day time use matte or semi matte lipstick with shiners ( There are different types of lip shiners are also available). Nowadays glitters are IN.  In the night  you can put glitters on the top  of  your lip color.




Eye Make Up

Use light color eye shadows, with light eye liners. Use an eye pencil to line and define, then go over it with an eye shadow brush dabbed in the same shade of eye shadow. There Apply a second coat of mascara with the first is still wet to avoid clumping. Transparent mascara is IN, and colorful mascara is OUT. If you do not want to take dark make up during daytime, use transparent mascara. A few months back, Stones were IN. If you want for the parties, put body stones just corner of your eyes, any side that goes with your face and makeup.


Tip or Bindi

Bindi with stone are IN .  There are different types  of ďBindiĒes are available in the market. You can have matching stones with your dresses.  They should be small in  size and you put that just between your eyebrows.  The way gals use to put, on the upper side of the forehead is out of fashion.


Nail Polish

Call for the clippers. Long nails are ancient. The young, smart and with-it gals sports short nails-they indicate seriousness and commitment to life. And nail polish shows zest for life. Grays go-with everything versatility makes it the new neutral to give nail-polish now. Choose deeper, charcoal grays for dark skin tones, pewter shades for olive skin, opalescent for fair skin tones. Above all these, you might use glitters on the top of everything.


Hair Style

The punch clips are in fashion. Casually ties your hair with a punch clip. For party you might  add ďBellyĒ . Itís the season of Belly, so it is easy to get belly. It will give you a attractive, fresh , sophisticated image to your outlook. A few days back Hair Mascara was IN. But during summer with light make up it doesnít go with everything. Itís better if you use it with western outfit.



Above all use body glitters and might use body stones that goes with your make up.


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