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Brushing and Combing

  • Always brush hair when it is dry. Brushing wet hair causes the end to split.

  • To brush hang your head down and brush away from the head first.

  • While brushing tilt your head forward. This increases the blood supply to the head and stimulates the hair.

  • Brushing distributes the hair's natural oils along the hair length.

  • Fine hair needs a softer brush which does not scratch the head.

  • Very thick long hair needs a bigger brush with stiffer bristles.

  • Short of curly hair needs a narrow brush with a longish rectangular head and bristles widely spaced in groups.

  • Never use a sharp teethed brush. They tear the hair apart.

  • Use a comb in which the teeth are widely spaced for thick hair and for combing wet hair.

  • The easiest way to comb out knots (tangled hair) is to start at the ends and work gradually upwards.



Brush or comb hair thoroughly to loosen dirt and dead skin cells from the head. Wet  the hair with the spray, so the underneath layers as well as the top once are saturated with water



Pour a small amount - a teaspoon of shampoo in a little water. Mix it to get a diluted mixture.

Massage this diluted shampoo gently into the roots with the fingertips, covering the whole of the head.




With the flat surface of the hand, work that shampoo into the bulk of the hair over the top layers.



Rinse with water until shampoo has been completely washed off. Repeat the sequence if necessary.




  • After shampooing wrap your hair in a towel and allow this to soak up the excess moisture.

  • Soaking up of water by towel is better because vigorous drying with a towel is harmful as it tends to snap the hair more easily, ends split more quickly and the hair becomes very stretchy.

  • After about 10 minutes remove the towel and comb the hair gently.

  • Moving upwards go towards the head (root of the hair). If the hair is combed from the head downwards, tangles will build up on the way down and will reach the tugging stage very quickly

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