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How to Maintain Your Hair





Normal Hair 

  • Wash once a week with shampoo.

  • Apply a little shampoo on the head, rub in well with the tips of your fingers then allow the shampoo to run down the hair length.

  • Do not rub the ends of the hair vigorously.

  • If the hair occasionally looks as though it needs a conditioner, mix yolk of two eggs in a cup of lukewarm water and beat together. Massage it into the  head, then cover your hair with a polythene bah and leave it in place for 10 minutes. After this, rinse the hair with lukewarm water then shampoo it.

Oily Hair

  • Wash it just before ft star5s looking and feeling sticky once in 3 days.

  • If lift unwashed for long it  may cause spots on the face and back.

  • Choose a lemon based shampoo and pay particular attention to the head when massaging the final rinsing water to leave the hair very clean.

  • If  a sudden shampooing try to do with this dry shampoo divide your hair into sections and fluff a little multani mitti powder through each  section. Rub in well and leave for 10 minutes. Brush out thoroughly with a clean brush . Multani mitti powder absorbs most of the grease and dirt. But remember for this shampooing your head must not be very dirty. 

 Dry Hair

  • Shampooing once a week is the need of this hair type, followed by conditioning.

  • Rinse the conditioner off very thoroughly to avoid stickiness.

  • Follow this treatment once in 15 days warm 2 tablespoons of olive oil and massage into the head. Cover your hair  with a polythene bag . cover the bag with a warm towel in a turban like fashion. Leave it so for half an hour, then rinse away thoroughly and shampoo your hair in the normal way.

  • If your hair tends to fly away avoid using hair spray. Instead put a dab of cream conditioner on your brush before styling your hair. 

  • If your head is dry do this massage . Cup your hands with fingers a little apart and press the pads of your hard on your head massage gently and firmly, moving the head itself, not your fingers. Now move  your head  to another part of your head and repeat the process.    

 Combination Hair 

  • Wash as soon as you feel your head itchy and dirty.

  • Do not rub the shampoo into the dry ends. Instead massage the shampoo into the head and let a little of it running through the hair length. Afterwards use the conditioner on the ends only.

  • Have the dry ends trimmed regularly.

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