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What Type of Hair You Have?






 No matter how beautiful a face you possess, if you neglect your hair - the crown of the   body- you are marring the beauty of your contour. If your hair is in poor condition because of neglect, or if it has been subjected to harsh treatment, all is not lost. With care and attention you will be able to restore its bounce and glossy sheen once again.

Hair Type Test

For finding out the type of hair with the help of tissue  paper test you can follow the under mentioned steps:

Wash the hair with a shampoo a day before

Take a tissue paper and press it on that center of the head and behind the ears. If you find oil on the tissue paper it meant you have oily hairs otherwise your hair is dry. Remember, here again you do not rub the tissue paper on the head but you just press it on the head. 

A tissue paper test combined with a careful look at the hair can tell the type of hair you posses .

Experts believes that: 

  • Usually a normal skinned person posses normal hair

  • Likewise a dry skinned person posses dry hair. 

  • People having oily skin tend to have oily hair too.

  • If you have oily head and dry ends then you have combination hair. 

  • Having been armed with the knowledge of particular hair type you may posses, treat your hair accordingly then. 


Hair Type

Normal Hair

  • It is shiny yet not greasy and fairly easy to manage

  • It files about a little day after the set but it soon settle down and looks good for about a week. 

Oily Hair

  • Looks a good for a day or two after shampooing but then quickly becomes lank

  • Groups of hair cling together in unattractive strands and the head feels dirty

  • It often has problem of dandruff 

Dry Hair

  • It is difficult to control dry hair after shampooing Looks dull and has ends that are dry and split. Even before shampooing the ends look dry. 

Combination Hair

  • It is the combination of both greasy and dry hair

  • It is usually fairly long and the hair nearest the head  is greasy while the ends are dry.

  • After shampooing the hair looks good except for the ends.

  • Ends look difficult to set smoothly, split  and lighter in color than the roots. But by the time hair needs shampooing again, end look quite good.


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