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Complexion lotions 

for all skin types






Since much importance is attached to the fair complexion in our society so every woman wants to look fair and charming. Complexion lotions not only improve the color of your skin but also protect it from the harmful effects of the sun by providing  a screen between  skin  and  the  sunrays . Therefore they are generally known as  sunscreen lotions. We give below a few complexion  lotions which you can make yourself at  home. Try one  of these to look  prettier  than before.


Lime Complexion lotion


Lime flowers   

25 gm

Distilled water 

250 ml

Sodium benzoate  



Put the lime flowers  in boiling water for an hour. Strain and let the mixture cool. Add sodium benzoate to it.  This  is a very good  complexion  lotion and for better results add equal part of rose water to it . Keep it under refrigeration and use it with the help of cotton buds . 


Lavender Complexion Lotion


Borax powder

1 tbsp

Rose water 

1 cup


2 tbsp

Lavender extract

1/2 cup 


Mix borax powder in rose water and add boiling oil to the mixture. Keep stirring , when cool add lavender  extract too. It can be kept under refrigeration for more than  2 months .


Almond Complexion Lotion 


Almond oil    

1 tbsp

Cucumber/ carrot juice

1 tsp 


2 tsp

Liquid Paraffin

1 tsp

Extract of cornflower 

1 tsp 


Heat the almond oil and paraffin together and add all the other ingredients  to it. Shake it well,  apply it  and let it remain till it dries. Rinse off with cold water preceded by lukewarm  water wash. It  leaves the skin looking fairer and smoother. 


Sesame Complexion  Lotion 


Sesame oil 


Olive oil 


Almond oil  



Mix all the oils together and apply it on the  face and neck. It is an exclusive tonic to protect  the skin from scorching heat of sun or is a very  effective measure to get rid of sun tanning.


Brook Lime Complexion Lotion


Leaves / Stems of brook lime


Distilled water


Sodium benzoate

1/2 tsp 


Boil the water and put the brook lime leaves /stems in it.  Leave it for an hour. Strain and let it cool. Now mix sodium  benzoate in it. Apply it on the face and neck with cotton. It removes the spots and blackheads. It can be kept under refrigeration  for more than 2 months. 


Witch Hazel Complexion Lotion 


Borax powder 


Distilled water    



1 cup

Witch hazel extract

1/2 cup


Dissolve the borax powder in water over a low flame. Let it  cool, then stir  with rest of the ingredients. Pour the mixture into an airtight bottle and keep under refrigeration.                   

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