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'Cucumber' is full of vitamins, iron, calcium and minerals, and it  should always be taken with its skin. It even helps reduce acidity by maintaining the alkalinity of blood.


As a tonic: Grind one cucumber, half a beet and one carrot in a mixer or juicer and drink it. This cures dehydration, acidity and promotes hair growth.


As a beauty aid: It is a best astringent for your face. Daily application prevents pimples and blackheads. Besides being a cooling agent, it also helps lighten blemishes. 



If you have a fair complexion 

but dark under eye circles and wrinkled eyelids............


How can  you make your eyelids look less wrinkled?



Heredity, stress and lack of sleep lead to under eye circle. Gently massage your eye area every night, with a vitamin E-based revitalize .Use both hands, move fingertips in a circular motion or massage by making the finger 'eight' (this can be done by criss-crossing hands over the bridge of nose). A five-minute massage will help a lot. Then, gently wipe off excess cream with a pre-soaked rosewater cotton swabs soaked in cucumber, carrot and potato juice.


As far as make-up goes, using a concealer closest to your skin tone. Dot some under the eyes and blend well. Then, dust face with a translucent powder and using a powder puff, smooth out the powder under the eyes. It is necessary to use a translucent powder to set the concealer. Next, take an eye shadow in a pale skin tone or beige and apply to the eyelids. Keep eye make-up to the minimum; avoid "kajal". Work on the upper lids with a thin line of eyeliner blended in with a soft brush, and finish with a thick sweep of mascara.

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