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Skin care


If you have the proper knowledge about your skin you can take its proper care and keep it free from skin problems. On the one hand to keep the skin intact, healthy and growing, we ought to take good diet to provide the vitamins required by our skin; on the other hand to deal with the bad effects of atmosphere we have to take the help of external applications known as cosmetics. Cosmetics claim to do everything from ensuring safe tanning to reversing the ageing process.


Tips For Skin Care:


  Avoid too much of sweets, fried foods, alcohols and cakes. Because the cause

     blemishes and blotchiness on the skin's surface. 

  Eat one seasonal fruit in the morning, preferably before eating anything else.    Also

     eat vegetables, especially raw ones.  

  Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday.

  Avoid the sun . If you have to go out then either cover your head with  cloth or  take

     an umbrella . Also apply sunscreen lotion.

  Avoid smoking, specially passive smoking, that is, inhaling the air polluted by 

     somebody's smoking.

  Use bathing oil to soften your skin . For making your own bathing oil take I cup each 

     of palm , almond  and olive oils and half cup of wheatgerm oil. Mix them  well and 

     keep it in a bottle in the dark. Take a  little of it and massage into the whole body 

     before bathing or swimming.

  Try  to keep your bathroom warm so that the increase in temperature will 

     encourage the skin pores to open. Bathrooms can be kept warm by  installing 

     a heater at a place where it is out of the hazards of causing electric  shocks .

  Use a body brush to break down the more fleshy skin tissues of the body.     

  A bath brush and  a pumice stone help to soften hard skin often found on the 

     feet, knees and elbows .

  Cleanse your skin, once in the morning and again in the evening before going to  


  Use face mask suiting to your skin type  at least once a week .

  Massage your body ( take someone's help ) at least once a month.

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