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Winter Skin Action Plan




Rethink your routine


The 'cleanse, tone, moisturize' mantra has been replaced by an altogether more fundamental skincare rule--be gentle. Over-treating skin is common" says Dr Andrew Griffith, consultant dermatologist at St. John's institute of dermatologist at St John's Institute of dermatology in London. 'Lots of women unwittingly dry out their skin by over -cleansing it, then apply heavy moisturizer to make it feel better. Wash off cleansers, soap and toners can strip out the protective lipid barrier, leaving behind uncomfortable, taut skin. Even shampoo can dry out your face, so apply your cleanser before you get in the shower and leave it on while you wash your hair. 


Check your diet 

If you want your skin to glow with health, you need to start from the in side, says Dr. Brenda Davies, co-author of Total Well-being. Her two skin essentials are a good, well-balanced diet (to feed your skin) and detoxification. Foods rich in skin nutrients are green, leafy vegetables for betacarotene, dairy products or  goat and sheep's  mild yogurts  for  vitamin d, pork for vitamin B, avocado for vitamin E and  citrus fruits, kiwis and peppers for vitamin C. As d detoxified, Dr Davies drinks freshly squeezed juice made from carrot , beetroot and celery. Try taking  Floresse Skin Vitality regularly as an added dietary bonus. 


Change your oil

Although there's no direct evidence that  upping your intake of essential fatty acids will improve the texture and suppleness of dry skin, you'll still find beneficial oils from sesame and sunflower seeds, oily fish such as mackerel, tuna and sardines, linseed, oil and evening primrose oil. Nutritionists recombined three portions of oily fish a week. 


Give your skin a drink


Your skin is the first organ to show the signs of water deprivation, says nutritionist Jane Clarke in Body Foods For Life. She believes the cheapest and most effective way to deal with dehydrated skin is to drink at least a liter of water a day. At the same time, reduce the amount of dehydrating chaffing caffeine and alcohol you imbibe. 


Take a short , sharp shower


Although a long, hot bath might beckon on a cold day, hot  water and soap strip your skin of moisture, Steve Barton, Boots scientific skincare adviser, recommends showering  in warm water using  a moisturizing  body wash and moisturizing thoroughly afterwards. 


Are you a sensitive soul?


People with sensitive skin often also have dry skin and, in winter, cold weather , hot houses, alcohol and spicy food can  make it more  sensitive. The  weakened lipid barrier increases the likelihood of irritants getting further into your skin , says  Steve Barton. Help make  the winter more comfortable for your skin with  this action plan.


Soothe with the right skincare 


Don't leave your skin bare because you're convinced it will  react to any products  you put  on it. There  are lots  of new ranges with  soothing ingredients  available. However you should still do a patch test on your  arm when your  skin is calm.


Go for natural 


To soothe a reaction, try cooling Boots Herbal Calendula Cream. For a superb cleanser for very irritated skin or to soothe a reaction, boil up some full-fat mild and let it cool, or use cold chamomile tea instead. 


Take time out 


" Stress has an effect on every organ of our  body and the skin  is no exception, says Dr Brenda Davies. Relaxing might be as simple as having some time to yourself, other major factors are getting  what Dr Davies calls the  basics of good living namely more exercise a lot more sleep.


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