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Fringe Benefits 



First Things First


Before you even think about cutting , consider your hair type because this will make a big difference as to how you should proceed. Is it curly, wavy, bouncy, frizzy, premed or just plain kinky? Wetting your hair makes it easier to handle  when trimming, but  hair is elastic and will look longer wet than dry especially if it's any of  the above, so to be  safe, cut it dry.

Decide how much you want to trim and stick to your decision. If you normally blow dry, curl, straighten or  style your hair in any way, do this  before you decide how much  to chop. Invest in some  good professional  hairdressing scissors. They should have long, sharp pointed blade. The sharper the scissors, the sharper the cut!


Sit in front  of a big mirror to cut  your hair , and don't  rely on artificial light. Natural daylight is best, so you can see quite clearly what you're doing . If you're nervous, cut off a little at  a time. You can always take off a bit more if it's not short enough, but you can't stick any back on! And if you've cut a bit on an angle, you can correct it with the next snip. 


Follow our step-by-step guide to achieve the perfect trim. 




  1. Comb the front of your hair flat, making sure any parting is in the right place. 

  2. Section off the bits you don't want to trim and clip them back out of the way. 

  3. Wet the  ends of your fringe only, so you can take into account your hair's natural bounce. 

  4. Keeping your fingers straight,  slide them down your fringe to where you want to trim, pulling the  hair taut but not stretching it.

  5. Cut from the middle out to the sides, keeping the line as straight as possible, use your fingers as a guide to cut against. If you're prone to the jitters, try taint your fringe down to keep it in place while cutting, using a tape.

  6. Comb your hair between each cut to ensure the fringe stays even. 


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