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Customize Your Technique




Eye color can do more than just enhance what you have: it can help correct what  you wish you did not . 


Small Eyes : Use a darker shadow to subtly surround both top and  bottom lash lines. The dark color makes the whites of the  eyes look whiter, enlarging eyes appearance. 


Close-set Eyes : Sparingly apply a pearly white highlighter at the inner corners of the  eyes. Bend upward. This will open the area, pushing eyes apart. Use medium color at the center and dark toward the  outer corners. 


Wide-set Eyes : To close space between eyes, use the same steps as  for close-set eyes, only substitute a dark shadow at inner corners and lighter color at outer ones. 


Bulging Eyes : Apply a light shadow from the crease to the  brow and a neutral color  like cocoa or a soft gray on the lower ( bulging ) lid. This balances the eye by making  the upper lid more  prominent. Them lightly line the top and bottom lash lines, and blend. 


Puffy Eyes :  Brush medium shadow over that part of the  lid to help make it  recede.


Under-eye Circles : The trick is to keep the focus above the eye , so don't put any make-up except concealed under the eye.  

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