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Golden Rules for 

Eye Make up






Consider The Light :Think about  quality of light when you apply your make-up. The bathroom is the worst possible place for daytime application.  Instead , sit by a window. For evening, the  secret is to create a light similar to the one you  will be seen in. 


Start With Basics : Apply a base from lash line to brow line - this can be foundation, a conciliator or the lightest shade of shadow you plan to use. A canvas from which to begin, this  opens the eye area, neutralizes capillaries and primes the  skin to accept and retain color . Large lids benefit from a softer, medium color.


Blend, Blend, Blend  : All color should gradually disappear, there shouldn't be any stripes or hard lines anywhere. 


Less is More :  If you start with a small amount of  product, you can always add to it. Minimalism holds true especially for older eyes, which have drier and thinner skin around them and are therefore more creepy. Heavy makeup will  only magnify, not disguise, the lid's texture. 


Texture Matters : Try one of the  new shimmer finishes (they're subtler than the frosts of  yesteryear ). These paralyzed shades attract light. 


Powder the Shine : Stay away from anything greasy. Use powder to prepare and finish eyes. This prevents smudging, bleeding and telltale crease lines. Another powder tip: Blend the same color shadow over a pencil line. Not only does it soften the  line, it  makes it last longer. 


Easy Does It With Liner : Eyeliner is not meant to be seen as a distinct line. Use liner to thicken the base of the  lashes and make them look fuller. 


No Tools Rule : There's no consensus on what works best for applying shadow. A larger brush talkies less time , cover more  area and require fewer strokes. Use small, sculpted brushes to apply darker colors.


Go Natural for Day : To achieve a natural -looking eye, you may want to stop after applying a sweep of color across the lid. This will brighten eyes, making them look both fresher and cleaner. You may also want to skip the color near the lash line. For a more polished look, you can turn up the shaker quotient, so that eyes look more luminous, or add a touch of shadow on the brows to create a more defined line.  


Add Drama to the Night : Whatever your eye type and personal style, evening remains the time to intensify contrasts. Follow the same guidelines you would for day, but deepen the dark tones and let the light tones shimmer. Just don't  lose your head. We've all seen women with screeching blue lids or the  one who looks like she spent a round or two  in the boxing ring. 


Keep Everything in Perspective : The most common mistake a woman makes is to wear too much. The best eye make-up is the kind you don't  notice. Remember, the  whole point is to have someone look at your eyes, not at your eye make-up.  

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