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After Salah, comes Zakah, which in its broadest sense includes any act of service to other men. Being good to others is the fruit and therefore the proof of the tree of faith. He is not truthful who harms men and yet claims to believe in and love God.

Acquisition of wealth for its own sake or so taht it may increase the worth of its collector is condemned. Mere acquisition of wealth counts nothing in the sight of God. It does not give man any merit whether here or in the hereafter.


People should acquire wealth with the intention of spending it on their own needs, and the needs of others. 'Man', said the Prophet, 'says: My wealth! My wealth!" Have you not any wealth except that which you wear and tear, eat and consume, give as alms and thus preserve?'


Today, how many Muslims in the world honestly, sincerely and properly pay zakat to purify their wealth and to help their Muslim brethren. Since we are missing lacking or very weak in that foundation, is it any surprise that:

So many Muslims are starving and in need today.

So much Muslim wealth is wasted on luxury.
So much Muslim wealth is spent on forbidden items.
So little Muslim wealth is spent on jihad and sacrificing for the sake of Allah.


The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was ordered to fight the people until they made the shahada, established prayer and paid zakat. Abu Bakr continued that teaching after him. What does that mean for us today? Does that mean that if they were alive today, we would be from those who wouled be fighting alonside them or would we be from those whom they would be fighting?


Let us make sure that we pay the zakat and fulfill all of the other pillars of Islam correctly and sincerely for Allah's sake, so that our Islam as a whole will be strong and Allah will be pleased with us.


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