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US Immigration

Canada Immigration

Australia Immigration

Japan Immigration


Web Links




US Immigration


Immigration and Naturalization Service - USA
Official website of US Immigration and Naturalization services

American Immigration Center - USA
Immigration Services Document Preparation Translation Services USA

American Immigration Resources on the Internet
Links to a lot of useful places on the Internet regarding US Immigration

Immigration Assistance - USA
Immigration Laws Services from Texas



Canada Immigration



Citizenship and Immigration Canada
About immigration and citizenship in Canada


CIC Canada - Welcome to Citizenship and Immigration
Citizenship of Canada, Immigration and Refugee concerns
Information about Canada immigration issues. Canada
A comprehensive source of information concerning Canadian immigration and
other aspects of immigration to Canada.

Immigration to Canada - TIMS Group Inc.
Occupations List. Citizenship and Immigration Canada officials


Australia Immigration


Australian Immigration Department site
Complete official information regarding immigration to Australia.

Visiting Australia - Olympic Family Members
Australian Government Guide to Visiting Australia, Traveling to Australia & Olympic

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Australian Governments international relations & trade policy.

Australia's Immigration Policies (VCE Issues)
Details of Australia's Immigration Policies 

Japan Immigration

Japan Visa and Immigration

Immigration to Japan

Americans in Japan - Immigration, Visas and Legal Matters

FAQ for Staying in Japan: Immigration

Canada-Japan Society of Japan: Canadian Immigration Links

Japan : Government : Law : Immigration


A Cynics Guide to Visiting Japan


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