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Visitors' Visa



This application is for persons from designated countries who wish to visit Canada for a temporary purpose, such as tourism, visiting family or friends, or business trips. Visitor applicants must satisfy a visa officer that their stay in Canada will be temporary. Those wishing to study or work temporarily in Canada will probably also need a student authorization or employment authorization.


A single-entry visa is valid for one entry to Canada. A multiple entry visa permits an unlimited number of visits during the validity period of the visa. It is not necessary for a person returning to Canada from a short visit to the United States, as long as the single-entry visa is still valid.


To find out if you need a visitor visa, check the list of countries whose citizens need a visitor visa to enter Canada to visit, study or work temporarily.



 Submit the application to a visa office at a Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate.



A non-refundable processing fee must be paid at the time of application for each person included in the application. Family rates are available. Check the Fee Schedule for Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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