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Exclusive Interview:

Suborna Mustafa

b2k: Your real name ? 

SM: Suborna Mustafa

b2k: Nick Name ? 

SM: None 

b2k: Birthday ? 

SM: 2nd December 

b2k: Birthplace ? 

SM: Dhaka

b2k: Parents ? 

SM: Mr. Golam Mustafa/ Mrs. Hosneara Mustafa

b2k: Siblings? 

SM: Sister -Camellia Mustafa / Brother -Sumit Mustafa.

b2k: Your hobby ? 

SM: Reading, Music, Movies, Traveling.

b2k: Favorite Person (s)? 

SM: My Parents 

b2k: Favorite Singer (s) ? 

SM: Lata Mangeshkar 

b2k: Favorite Actors / Actresses ? 

SM: Actors: Amitabh Bachchan, Nasiruddin Shah, Golam Mustafa, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Hanks, Shahrukh Khan, Uttam Kumar, Humayun goes on. 

Actresses: Meryl Streep, Katharine Hepburn, Meena Kumari, Kajol, Monisha Koirala, Karishma, Kobori, Jaya Bhaduri, Ferdousi Mojumder 

b2k: What do you do in leisure ? 

SM: Stay home 

b2k: Your mentionable performances ? 

SM: This is question for the audience, I guess

b2k: Your source of inspiration ? 

SM: My family and of course my Viewers.

b2k: Your achievements ? 

SM:----that you thank I am good enough for your website (

b2k: A memorable moment ? 

SM: Bangladesh defeating Pakistan in the World Cup Cricket. 

b2k: What is the secret of your success ? 

SM: No secrets, plain and simple -"Honest Hard Work."

b2k: Your future plans ? 

SM: None. I take life as it comes, I cross my bridges when I arrive at them.

b2k: Any message for your fans ? 

SM: Live and let live, say 'no' to drugs and read books. 

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