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Acme Pet 

Pet-related resources, including chat rooms, adoption services, and product info. 


Pet magazine and encyclopedia, featuring cat, dog, bird, fish, horse, and reptile sections, and an exotic pet area.

Pet Channel 

For anyone who owns or is interested in owning a pet -- information on dogs, cats, horses, and other pets. 

90 Second Naturalist 

Small portions of information about wildlife can be found here. Learn in bite-sized portions with short audio stories, pictures, and articles.

All-Glass Aquariums 

Provider of electronic information dealing with pets and animals.

American Domestic Skunk Assoc. 

Presents health care advice, training and rescue operations.

American Pet Association 

Promoting responsible pet ownership. News, products and services, and "ask the vet."

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service 

Guards US borders against foreign agricultural pests and diseases, and promotes the humane care of animals. Download plant product forms.

Animal Network 

Domestic animal-related profiles, photos, clubs, and bulletin boards.

Ask Acme Pet's Experts 

Expert answers to all your pet questions.

AVMA Care for Pets 

Terrific page on caring for animals.

Birmingham Zoo - The Animal Omnibus 

Presentation of complex world of zoology for kids. Covering mammals, dinosaurs and even molluscs.

Bow Wow Meow - Pet Names with Personality 

Use the search engine to find out what your pet's name means and its popularity rating, or view the top 20 pet names and the name of the month.

Canadian Animal Network 

Read the news, ask experts about your pets, visit virtual stores, or join in the forums on pets and wildlife.

Companion Animal News and Links 

Provides links to general resources regarding pet animals.


Info on pet health, breeders, rescue organizations, general breed information, and pet products.

Delta Society 

Promotes the importance of animals in society to improve health and quality of life. Info on the society, and links to services.

Domestic Skunks As Pets 

Presents suggestions for owners about all aspects of living with these creatures. Find care, training, and problem-solving advice.

Duster's Skunk Barn 

Flip through photos, read stories and facts about these furry creatures, or find out how to become one.

Electronic Zoo 

Find a well-maintained, exhaustive guide to the world of animals, both pets and wildlife, with a link to the NetVet veterinary site.

FindaPet.com Pet Names Directory 

Presents the top ten most popular pet names according to FindaPet's archives, plus popular names in eclectic categories like "botanical pets."

Harold Reynolds' Humor Collection

Cheer yourself up by following these links to animal humor on the Internet.


Home of the famous rec.pets.dogs FAQs from Cindy Tittle Moore which leads to cat FAQs too, and listings of dog breeders and businesses.


General site for pet lovers, with human interest stories, health and pet care tips, with image gallery and products online.

NetVet General Animal Sites
Good list of links to science and pet sites.


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