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Super guide to innformation and discussions on topics of alternative sexuality. 

Coalition for Positive Sexuality 

Great guide promotes positive attitudes and encourages safe sex among teens.

Sexual Health Info Center 

Indepth sex resource with STD files, surveys, better sex guides, and a weekly sex tip.

The Sexuality Forum 

Forum for mature discussion of sexuality and relationships.

Sexuality Resources  

Sexuality resources, safe sex, erotic massage, and join mailing lists. 

1001 Ways to be Romantic 

Online version of national bestseller. Tells how to prepare for special events, and the dos and don'ts of romancing.

Abortion Rights Activist 

Pro-choice news and information, a reference library, and tools for activists.

About.com - Sexuality 

Enhance your sex life and get answers to embarrassing questions.

Age Page 

The National Insitute on Aging provides this article on sexuality in later life. Contains info on the effects of illness and medication.


Very practical guide to sex comprised of searchable FAQs. Includes a guide to positions, anatomy, toys and techniques.

And Adam Knew Eve 

A respectful A-Z dictionary of sex, romance, love, and prostitution in the Bible.

Ask Isadora 

Visit this forum for mature discussion of sexuality and relationships. Find products, a mailing list, and links.

Association of Professional Piercers 

Official site providing information about committee members, current issues and piercing friendly doctors.

Better Sex 

Page provides details from the Sinclair Institute about their videos, which aim to help couples improve their sex lives.

Body Electric School 

Seminars and workshops for men and women of all sexualities that explore sexuality and the body.

BrainBlitz.com - Love Tests and Quizzes 

Clearinghouse for quizzes and tests about love and relationship issues offers links to a myriad of fun evaluations for couples and singles.

Chick Click 

Girl sites that don't fake it.

Church of Tantra 

Neo-tantra draws on many traditions including Native American and Hindu. With articles focusing on sex and spirituality, book reviews, and gifts.

Coalition for Positive Intimacy 

Place for teens to explore issues surrounding sex and sexuality. Includes advice on contraception and getting over the guilts.

Cybersex and Human Reproduction 

Cybersex, is it possible? Read this scholarly article that hypothesizes on this event.

Dear Paula 

Paula hosts interactive forum for your questions on sex. Discussions are of an adult nature, with the emphasis on practical advice.

Delilah's Advice 

Search the archive by topic for advice on sex and relationships. Concentrated on female sexuality yet applicable to all.

Doria Sex Therapy 

Consult Dr. Doria with your sex question or problem, or go straight to the FAQs and leaflets to find answers there.

Dr. Ruth Online 

The inimitable Dr. Ruth with an appreciably informative and entertaining site. Includes tips, Ask Dr. Ruth and her picks of the Web.

Emmaus Pastoral Counselling 

Canadian site with information on marriage preparation courses and marriage and family therapy. Also features sex therapy FAQs.


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