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Bangladeshi Sites


Meeting place for members of the Bondhon, and those with an interest


Other Sites

Couples Place  

A wonderful site for people who want to keep their relationship healthy and loving.

Marriage Builders  

Approaches to building and maintaining a successful marriage. 

Redbook Marriage and Sex 

Unblushing sex, marriage, and relationships advice from Redbook.

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy 

Find out what marriage and family therapists do, how they're regulated, and where to locate one nearby.

Divorce Source 

State-by-state US/Canadian divorce resources, advice, chat, and support.


Meeting place for members of the International Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors, and those with an interest.

Int'l Couples Page 

FAQ, links to bilingual sites, and more.

Jewish Matchmaker, The 

Fill out the extensive questionnaire and pay the monthly fee to access the profiles, send e-mail and chat with other members online.


Celebrates love, marriage, dating, and other amorous pursuits with discussions, advice, and sex trivia. 

Life Transitions 

Facing divorce, widowhood or other major life changes may be a little easier with this advice and collection of services to contact.

Love Bytes 

Relationship enrichment resources.

Married Man 

Resources for married men.

National Marriage Encounter 

Helps couple discover their path, through a relationship with God. Sponsors weekend retreats and more. 

Online Guide For Effective Living 

Learn how to heal hurt, end conflict and restore love in difficult relationships. By Bill Ferguson, as featured on Oprah.

Retrouvaille - A Lifeline for Married Couples 

A Christian program designed to help renew marriages.

Sexuality Resources 

Sexuality resources, safe sex, erotic massage, and join mailing lists.

The Ten Marks of a Happy Marriage 

A list of crucial elements to marriage from an old pro.


Marriage and engagement from a man's point of view, with editorials, shopping, advice, and stories.


Download free planning software to create a personal wedding site. Useful tips, tools, and help included.

WholeFamily Center - Marital Conflict 

Network of marital resources like online marriage counselors and chat, with RealAudio dramas as examples.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter 

Offers weekend programs that promise to turn your marriage into a more fabulous union.


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