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BabyCenter - Preconception   

Thinking about having a baby? Find out about prenatal health, ovulation, and your relationships here.

Planned Parenthood:  

Info on birth control, abortion services, STD's, and a women's health newsletter. 

Abortion & Reproductive Rights Internet Resources 

Links to pro-choice as well as "anti-choice" resources.

Abortion Clinics Online 

A directory of abortion and reproductive health care clinics by city and state.

The Abortion Rights Activist 

Tools for activists, a reference library, and abortion-related news.

Activists for Choice 

Pregnancy, birth, and reproductive rights information from the CARAL Pro-Choice Education Fund.

American Surrogacy Center 

A hub of surrogacy and egg donation info on the Web. 

Ann Rose's Birth Control Links 

Information on most forms of contraception, including emergency contraception and hormonal implants.


Educational info on family planning, contraception, STDs, HIV, abortion, menopause, cancer issues, and infertility.

Ask NOAH About Pregnancy 

Facts and advice for pregnant women.

Atlanta Reproductive Health Center 

Women's health resource, including info on infertility, IVF, endometriosis, contraception, STDs, menopause, and PMS.


A searchable storehouse of pregnancy and childbirth information.

CONRAD Home Page 

Read about CONRAD's mission to develop or improve contraceptive methods that are safe, effective, and suitable for use in the U.S. and developing countries.

Fertility Information Resource 

Central source of major infertility resources, with US and Canadian clinic directories, and related US and international sites.


Latest methods to diagnose and prevent infertility and pregnancy loss.

The InterNest 

Information and counseling for couples who have conceieved with a donated ovum or are considering this high-tech solution to infertility.

National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) 

Comprehensive site from this grassroots group promoting choice.

The Natural Family Site 

Info on natural family planning. Includes a discussion about the rhythm method and advice about other techniques such as the "Billings Method".


Information, resources, forums, and products for obstetrics and gynecology professionals.

Online Birth Center 

Midwifery, pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding information.

PillowTalk's Stork Site 

A remarkably supportive and informative pregnancy and childbirth community where membership is free and includes chat and Q&A. 

Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania 

Dedicated to providing human reproduction medical and educational services to the public.


Publications, support groups, and telephone help lines for people dealing with infertility.

Southern Tier Women's Services 

New York clinic providing abortions, birth control, pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and answers to commonly asked questions.

ZyGen Laboratories 

Making semen available for artificial semination for over 15 years.


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